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Found 6 results

  1. So I linked my Steam account to a wrong Identity account (stupid, I know) but I want to link the right Identity profile to my Steam but it's not working, it just keeps saying 'Link Steam Account' even when I sign in. Is there a way to solve this?
  2. Profile titles

    Hi, I see a lot of people in the community with their 'title' like burglar... how do they get a title like that instead of citizen?
  3. I'd like to purchase more than one key, to give away to friends. Is this possible?
  4. So i just bought the $30 game that comes with the beta but i am not seeing the beta or where i can download it at is the beta even out yet is my question.
  5. What's your Steam account?

    I'm totally taking the liberty of presuming nearly 95% of PC gamers nowadays have a Steam account. I'm always curious to see what other users play, how many games, total played hours. Of course this doesn't work if you have put your profile to private. So my next question is, link yours? I'll start: (Genesai G.) And sure, I'm open to adds, but I seldom add by myself. I'll never accept private profiles. My Steam is nearly always on, but I reply in my own time. Edit: I now realize this thread would feel more at home in the off topic section of the forums. I'm terribly sorry for the inconvenience.
  6. Hello Guys. I want to ask that which account will be linked with game. Paypal account from which we donated. Identity Home Page account identity forum account. Problem is that i am not able to donate 30$ by my paypal account so i am searching someone who donate for me and i pay him/her with steam wallet cash.I am from India and here RBI guidelines dont let me do international transactions easily. If i ask someone to donate which account it will get linked? Very difficult to get trusted people. Already got scammed alot.