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Found 9 results

  1. EU, US, AS, etc

    Firstly let me introduce myself once again as I feel quite a bit old fashioned by now for some reason. My name is FlyingDuck also known as the founder and owner of the Famtiano Family. However that is not the case. I have been here since the start as far as I am aware, and I see that when people like to plan out their identity "life" they would need to ask for whether they are playing in the EU, or US as an example. So my suggestion is to simply to organize the section of e.g. The Board in a way that if you are going to play in the EU servers you would go to the EU Board Room and not the US Board Room. I think this would be greatly appreciated by not only myself but by others too as I for one would need to advertise that I am in the EU and that I recruit only people within the EU. I am not really active so far due I don't find it necessary at the moment due all my other contacts are also inactive at this time, so I am wondering if you could introduce yourself just a small bit while typing in your question / feedback to me so I could get to know you better. Best Regards!
  2. Hey! When someone replies to one of my topics, or sends me a message, I think it would be nice to know a little more about the person. I think you could do this through a short discription on oneselfs profilepage. I know you can do status updates, but not everyone uses these, and they 'disappear' by time. Best Regards Sasper
  3. Hello Guys. I want to ask that which account will be linked with game. Paypal account from which we donated. Identity Home Page account identity forum account. Problem is that i am not able to donate 30$ by my paypal account so i am searching someone who donate for me and i pay him/her with steam wallet cash.I am from India and here RBI guidelines dont let me do international transactions easily. If i ask someone to donate which account it will get linked? Very difficult to get trusted people. Already got scammed alot.
  4. Just ideas

    Hey guys! I made this account like yesterday and these are the ideas I came up with: - First of all, doing bad stuff must be hard. We all know that almost everyone is going to just kill people when they made their character like a minute ago. Your character must be weak without all those training and more police on your butt if they can't catch you in like 5 minutes and not just give up if they lost you. - Going to the gym to be stronger and look fit etc. You can collect gym XP and can unlock like a new form of tricep or something. Each body part should have their own XP bar. Ofcourse your XP should go down after like a month, meaning your slowly going back to your older body. This also should affect how strong you are. - Trusty gamers should get chosen by the creators to report who is cheating. People caught cheating should get banned forever or start from zero. That will piss them fucking off and let them be scared so they can't do that anymore. - Not showing username. I feel like this a stupid idea but also good because it's going to force the gamers to find out who they are and so on. - An App that you can check on your real phone to see who is online in the game. Also all kinds of other stuff in the app similar to Instagram. The app's name should be 'Identified' - Graffiti in the game should be awesome. Under your art must show your username so it can prevent stupid things. It can also be voted to stay or to be removed. - Importing your own 3D model or making models in the game could help the game big time. You can also see wonderful stuff in the art world of the game. Also making your own animations too (like for dancers in the strip club , dance events, creating your own walking style). - Fighting system: You should be weak and don't know much moves besides a basic weak punch. Just like how I find the gyms should be, the same should be with boxing clubs. I really like the UFC game system. Your stamina should go down when you perform a technique so you have to fight carefully. You have to be in a fighting state to fight like a boxer,... - Scrap things like hair growing, having a baby and so on. Little things that don't make sense to me. But I think a character should get hungry and thirsty. So they can perform better. - Realistic money like in the real world. A push to work harder for gamers. - Omg please not a gun shop on every street corner. It should be far away in a hidden place. Carrying a weapon should be visible but you can hide lttle weapons. - Parcour training! - Death: Accidental deaths should let characters wake up in a hospital (if a player shoots you too and you didn't want to fight). By crime, in prison .Back zero when you die is extreme. - Driving: Everyone should behave when they ride. Random speed limiters? on streets. Police should punish you when they see you driving fast or parked wrong. Gas should be optional. - Making your own hairstyles!. You can make different sections of your hair longer, braided, stiff, curly and play with hairpins.
  5. I have seen same questions and topics be uploaded time and time again. It would be much more practical to create subforums titled "Accepted" and "Denied" to see which ideas or suggestions have passed or have come to a conclusion on how it should be implemented. Let's say there's one young poster asking about cars, no physics, no models, just cars in general- "Will cars be in the game?" Then there's a second more experienced poster, who brought in ideas for physics, HUD, models, etc suggestions and there's a massive and intellectual discussion going on. I went through the pages to see that there's tons of cool topics just abandoned from months prior. And following those there are more recent threads on the same topic. So once the mods or devs wake up, it would take like 3 seconds to put it up. Thank you.
  6. Top of forums

    I am not sure where to post ideas or suggestions for the forums so I am putting here in Ideas and suggestions... Anyways because I'm lazy and it's a pain to scroll up from a long page of post (mostly mobile wise)... I was curious is we could get a button that brings us up to the top of the forum.
  7. Hey all, If anyone's getting the message "This image is too large" when they try to upload a signature to their account, try changing the size of said image on this site: Simply give it the picture you want to change and then click Custom Size. Set the values to a minimum of 600x150 px, and try uploading it again. You should find that your problems have been fixed Hope this helps! Felix
  8. Hi! As the title say the "new topic" form is unreadable, the text is grey on white and is hard to read, maybe use a color a bit darker would be great Have a nice week end!
  9. Forum input box hard to see

    Hey when i type, the background is white and hard to read, any chance you could fix it?