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  1. When accessing all I receive is a loading icon and then a black screen. This is reproducible in FF and IE. As a result, I can't access my key and join the beta. Any advice please? PS: Why use silver-grey on white for the forum editor/text box? It's barely legible.
  2. Survive the nights?

    Game looks promising and has an active community, including the devs. No game content is currently available, as internal alpha testing has just begun. Rumors are, there'll be a playable alpha soonTM. I yet firmly believe that a2z will be succesfull. I've backed the game, as have friends. Like Identity, they've still quite away to go and might be looking at similar release dates. Backers are still welcome and there's also a good offer for a quad pack. The renders are amazing!
  3. Yes, you'll be able to.
  4. I'd like to see the upcoming website feature a badge of sorts, letting others know who owns the game and who does not. Besides being a neat incentive, which alone may increase sales, it would help discourage the zero day rant accounts. On top, may I suggest a feature to prevent non-backers from posting any links that are outside this domain to put an end to spammers.
  5. Will Identity be available on MAC?

    Hello Synctoo,
  6. Modern day ver. Of 1937 Germany!!

    Thank you for your reply, but that's not a scenario I'd like to RP in.
  7. Modern day ver. Of 1937 Germany!!

    Would you care to elaborate?
  8. Religious Items of clothing.

    So I've reread your post multiple times and must admit I'm slightly confused. In your first statement you emphasize how quickly this subject may get out of hand, so you're clearly aware of the great potential for conflict it carries. Yet you proceed to advocate its inclusion. Obviously my statements are based on my personal beliefs and I'm not too keen to see real life issues imported into a game. This includes, but is not limited to: Jihadism, racism, antisemitism and a whole lot of other "-isms". I do however welcome any religious or political movements that are created within and in compliance with the games lore. So if someone wants to initiate the "Church of the Pink Bunny" - why not. I do not see the coherence between implementing the LGBT way of life and real life politics / religion - but this would would go beyond the scope of this discussion. In any case, this is just my opinion, which carries no impact anyhow. Maybe the devs could share their point of view, because in the end that's all that matters.
  9. Hey All

    Hey Ali, the first module of the games alpha should release soon, from what I've read. You'll find essential information in the FAQs linked below. The Q&A video below also provides some nice insights.
  10. About SPAM topics

    Would it be an option to have users meet certain criteria, before they are able to post links?
  11. Hello everybody!

    Moin, moin Emma! I'd recommend getting the founders pledge or above. This way you'll get acces to the early version of the game. Paramedics / EMT is an option, have a look at this thread to hook up with other medics,
  12. Casual game suggestions?

    I enjoyed building the car the most. Reading your review, you might enjoy this: Just had a look at your library and saw you do not own Subnautica yet. If this game were multiplayer, it would be on of the top five games I've ever played.
  13. Casual game suggestions?

    Well there's a lot of good casual games out there, so without any further input on your behalf it's a bit hard to give a recommendation. This is a game I've really enjoyed, because despite the rough looks it's got gameplay spot on.
  14. Could Someone Answer My Question Please

    Having a look at the extended FAQ, Identity will be released for Mac sometime after the game has launched. IMHO the Macs hardware should be up to the task, albeit you may have to tune down some of the settings. If you'd like to participate in the games alpha, you'll either need a Wineskin or setup your Mac with dual-boot. The later option should be more stable.
  15. Your website is still missing its legal information, which may lead to an adhortatory letter in conjunction with a hefty fine. [ Auf der Website fehlen die Angaben im Impressum, was schnell zu einer Abmahnung und damit verbundenen Kosten f├╝hren kann.]