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Found 7 results

  1. I couldn't reply to the announcement, though reading that announcement has gotten me hyped for this. I'm really looking forward to any future releases you make. I've always loved the idea of this; I've literally gone through a whole game development career in the span of me backing this Kickstarter up until now, so I understand the struggle in getting this thing off the ground. I'm not on the Discord, and am unlikely to reply if you message me here, though keep up the good work! - Mark.
  2. So on the 13th of August I had decided to check the website for any updates and found the almost entirely new website layout. I thought it was awesome and noticed the shop option in the home page. I was browsing the shop in awe of all the new packages and items. Almost immediately I saw the custom Liscense Plate, Phone Number, and Logo purchasable option. I had, this time with no delay, immediately decided to buy those three things. When I got home I was swamped with certification work and other things to do, in result I could not find the time to purchase these things. Now when I go back to buy them. THE LOGO OPTION IS GONE!!?!?!?!??! What happened, why has it been removed? Any information or support is gladly accepted. Thanks to anyone. Hope to obtain the ability to purchase it again as I really looking forward to having my own personal logo for designing. Can't wait for module release. (:
  3. So i just bought the $30 game that comes with the beta but i am not seeing the beta or where i can download it at is the beta even out yet is my question.
  4. Hello, I have decided to follow suit of the other candidates running for governor and have started a campaign, myself. My name is Gentino and an important role as governor would be to manage the taxes and put the appropriate amount of funds into each government facilities. Right now, I can't promise a set tax percentage to the police department but I can take time to hear your ideas! You see, the police, whether local or state, should have a say in the political process. Therefore, I would like to know about what you'd like to see as a law enforcement officer. The sooner we all can get an understanding of a generalized "want" the sooner we can act on making sure that "want" happens. We need you prepared. There is no doubt that crime won't raid the streets of Identity Island but with your help we could suppress it, strategically. What do I mean by that? Instead of always pushing on the offence; arrests, ticketing, etc. We could take it to the next level to make sure honest-citizens are being appreciated for following the laws. How?. Incentives! Police Precincts could host fairs or festivals towards honest-citizens which will encourage them to continue following the law. We want to make the laws attractive and thank the ones obeying them. I hope we can come together and make this happen. Feel free to ask questions and remember: "A Vote For Me, Will Be A Vote For A Strong Government Start Off."
  5. Steering wheel support

    It wiil be awesome if have a support for steering wheel, and, if possible, force feedback , like the logitech G27, thrustmaster and others wheels
  6. I am assuming there will be even between the cops to be more realistic but is there a chance it will be GTA where people on the same "team" won't be able to shoot each other? Also will the modules be supported on Mac?
  7. Simple question, is it possible to edit your post more than once? I have a big serious post in The Precinct that I've edited spell checks in, however I would also eventually like to add and change things in the future, is it possible to continue to edit my post or will I have to make a separate one entirely?