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  1. The "Development Tasks Remaining"

    What the tasks listed means is that they were put there on that date, the updated is when they were updated to Completed, for some of them, not all of them.
  2. SWAT Training, Gear, and Deployment

    Garry's Mod is just an example, not a good one, just the only one that I thought of at the time. Doesn't make my claims any less true.
  3. SWAT Training, Gear, and Deployment

    Thanks for some of the info! I appreciate it! I know about the SWAT being normal officers, it's in my original post, but thanks for confirming! I hope I can get the rest of these questions answered!
  4. Hey all, I haven't been on here for a while but let me introduce myself. My name is Chris, and since the Kickstarter of this game, I have wanted to be a SWAT Team Leader/Trainer. Why may you ask? I've played a lot of Garry's Mod and other RP intensive games, and all the more common I see people running in guns blazing, dying, or just looking completely idiotic. There would be no tactics, no gear for tactics (as it may not be supplied by the game or server) and just idiots running around shooting everything. While I know for a fact the idiots running around shooting everything won't be a problem, I still have a problem with the thought of people not knowing what they're doing and completely screwing up a situation. Let me start off by saying that I am familiar with how SWAT gets deployed, so let me explain how that will work in case people are confused or unfamiliar with how it's going to work. When a standoff or dangerous situation occurs, a SWAT van will be deployed outside the situation area. There, on duty or off-duty police officers who are a part of the SWAT division will go to the van and "suit up". No one is a permanent SWAT member and runs around with military grade weapons, you're a cop when SWAT isn't needed. Here are my questions for the developers and people who are familiar with this information. Will there be someone whose job is to specifically train members on SWAT? Training will include how to properly use certain gear, how to properly breach and clear a room, how to handle hostages, as well as how to handle certain specific situations. Will the police headquarters have a shooting range, as well as will there be a location for a killhouse? For those who don't know, a killhouse is a specific location designed for training SWAT members on breaching and clearing, as well as to practice shooting. It's literally a house made to be breached and shot in. What kind of gear will SWAT have available to them? Will it be anything like the game SWAT 4? I bring up SWAT 4 because it's one of my favorite games of all time, and is highly regarded as one of the best tactical shooters of all time. I would like to know if a good amount of gear will be available to SWAT. Specifically: Flashbangs, CS Gas, Stinger Grenades, C2 Breaching Charges, Breaching Shotguns, Optiwands, Drones, Door Wedges, Tasers, Pepper-Ball guns, Less-Lethal Shotguns, and lastly the ability to pick locked doors. Will members of SWAT have their own private communication system, where a team-leader can communicate with his squad, vice-versa, and with each other? Will the police and SWAT have access to cameras located inside situation areas to get a view on the hostiles, the layout, and possible hostages? Will they also be able to get a blueprint of the map/situation area? These are all my questions I can think of right now. I realize there is a lot, and I don't expect a dev to answer all of these, although that would be amazing. If anyone at all is able to give me an answer that is confirmed by the devs up to now I would very much appreciate it. I take this job seriously and I want to have a lot of fun with it, thank you all for reading!
  5. How does jailtime work?

    Both of you need to be quiet and calm down. This forum was made to discuss what people thought would be best relating to jail time, not to argue about what you guys think this game is about. I'm not a mod, but cut it out, no one wants to see hostility in a post that was made for open discussion.
  6. How does jailtime work?

    Like I said, to each their own, but from what I've seen and heard, a majority of players don't want anywhere near that long. Just saying.
  7. How does jailtime work?

    I never said you should get out in 45 minutes. My point was that a week is just way to long for almost all of the community, it would ruin the fun for most of us. You should go back to the first 1-2 pages of this forum post and read most of our opinions. Most of us don't want 45 minutes, we want a few hours, that's all.
  8. How does jailtime work?

    A WEEK???? I don't care how fun prison could be, I'd say 95% of the community would not want to be in prison for not even close to that long!
  9. How does jailtime work?

    While I understand where you're coming from, and you are right to some degree, I disagree. While yes, this game is cops and robbers, there's a huge community that's not or doesn't want to be apart of that, they want to roleplay, which is totally understandable, and it's what the game presents itself to be. The prison system is going to be a fun system, according to the developers, so hopefully they make it so that being in prison is not a chore (Although it should be a little bit of both to encourage being a good citizen). I still stand by my large post I made a while back, and if you haven't seen that I recommend reading it, I cover just about everything there is to talk about relating to the prison system. So again, I understand your point, and the wheel analogy is a good one, but it just doesn't work where a large part of the community isn't going to be apart of the cops and robbers part.
  10. How does jailtime work?

    You clearly didn't read my big post. In a JAIL cell, the short termed stuff, 15 minutes is totally acceptable. But in PRISON, that's where all the major criminals go. Murder/Armed Robbery/etc.., for (what I would hope) a few hours depending on the crime. Don't put words in my mouth.
  11. Needs?

    So I'm a heavy RPer, and I'm hoping for some kind of needs system, you know, to promote players opening restaurants and to promote the purchase of food and water at supermarkets. So that's exactly what I'm asking, will there be a needs system in Identity that must be fulfilled in a "Sims" like way? Now I'm not talking super hardcore like using the bathroom or something, but will there be a need to Eat and Drink? I think that would be really cool and promote the purchase of food at either supermarkets or restaurants. Thanks!
  12. Questions About Promotions?

    Actually no, promotions are most likely not going to be automated. As Nutterbutter stated above, Identity won't have any form of AI in the game, so his theory is the most probable, I highly doubt it's automated.
  13. Fbi?

    I love the fact that you seem to have every single Identity tweet stored somewhere, very helpful!
  14. what do you want to see in the prisons of identity?

    @Aziz I think you need to calm down man, it's just a game, and some prisons allow some form of internet use, obviously they wouldn't allow it so that they're able to use email or Facebook, but maybe YouTube videos and such, you don't need to think too far ahead.
  15. SWAT Training

    I want to be a SWAT member, however I don't want this to be like GMod where people go SWAT, and run into a combat situation untrained and end up getting shot. I was wondering, will there be a training academy with player instructors for members of SWAT? This would be incredibly immersive, realistic, and just flat out helpful. I'm also wondering the same for regular cops, but SWAT is mostly my focus.