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Found 4 results

  1. Hello. Im just going to say I am someone who hasnt really ever squalored around in negative posts about this being a bad game, the devs being scams, etc. I had some real hopes coming from this game, now of which have been squashed and I had moved onto bigger/better things and forming roleplay community of my own in games that already provide a medium of "life" roleplay. But Through intermittent checking of the status of this game and watching gameplay, I can just say that this is definitely a letdown, in so many areas. In my time, I've seen admins/devs waver people aside, ban unrightfully or for outspoken opinion, and some very very shadiness of certain practices; like for instance, the whole "mansion design" debocle where the concept artist had done nothing but redone a backcropping of Al Gore's house; and then Mod team disclaiming that it isnt a 'exact replica' when nothing changed but the backdrop. Aaaaallllll the way to the game itself seeming like a very, very poorly done UE4 showcase where the actual 'gameplay' elements seem like they are frankensteined together by someone very inexperienced, or them being ripped from other assets. Any correlation to trailers presented have been in a player controller/view that obviously is not present in the game along with content that "isnt done yet" but somehow extremely easy to imagine that it wouldnt look the same as the trailers if we were shown the exact content without the smoke and mirrors. This is not some sort of witch hunt, but me putting my final piece on what has been YEARS of waiting, silently, hoping for the best. These are all things that are not harmful, targetting comments, but rather things that are observably true. Its no longer a time for "Well just dont support us anymore" or "The game is still being worked on" or "Nobody is forcing you to stay". Each and every one of those offsetting comments from blind diehards or Mod Teams actuallly just shows the inability to level with the community, to be truthful, to share ACTUAL progress. With a larger dev team, a massive budget that SO MANY people would KILL to have and do some serious progress towards their projects, this could have been something. After a certain point, a team must take responsibility for the discrepancies rather than shoulder it all aside when they know that their community knows that there is less and less going as planned and the deciding factor as to why this has lost so much steam over the years is because of the lack of transparency, and the lack of responsibility. Money isnt everything, but time is, and I imagine that there are so many people who have prepared for so much more, to be part of something bigger, whole communities formed around this; and essentially the best that can be said is "Well refund it" or "Game still in progress!". Not even the point of people saying "Patience" can any longer apply anymore. No longer can it really be waived aside that a massive monetary backing apparently isnt enough to do what was said could be done. But there has been so many layers of incompetence with this project that I cant help but come to the conclusion that it was too ambitious to succeed with whoever is at the helm, and the team behind it as well.
  2. A rant about the ranters

    Just a rant. Don't read if you know this will make you upset just for the sake of being upset. Or if you simply don't care. I'm just killing time between now and release. There's been a lot of people ranting on the forums. I don't blame them because we've all been waiting a while for this game to come out and the first module will finally give us a taste. But your negative thoughts are kinda annoying if you've got nothing to back it up. Identity isn't a scam. If it was, they would've disappeared with the kickstarter money a while ago. I've only just now decided to bite the bullet and purchase the game so that I could make an account because I assumed the module would've been out by now due to the steam key release. It's not out and I still have to wait. We all do. So be it. I understand creating a game of this size will cause unforeseen difficulties and so be it. How many of these ranters actually have any background in game development? How do you guys think this all actually works? Do you think if a bunch of nerds just type words into the computer for a few months - a game will be born like magic? Everybody gets stuck on problems. Some problems take more time to solve than others of course, and obviously problems aren't planned. For example; say I want to make a button that says "Hello world" when pressed so I create a program that says "When the button is pushed, output 'Hello World' into the console" but instead the entire game crashes. How could I POSSIBLY have PREDICTED that? That's what developers go through. Sometimes you get syntax errors because you forget a semicolon somewhere in your code or you fat fingered an extra letter somewhere in your code, sometimes you get run-time errors because your logic doesn't add up, sometimes you have no idea what's wrong and stackoverflow can't help you; so you gotta figure it out. Figuring it out takes time. It's not the developer's inability to create a something because they can't complete a task in time; it just means a problem arises that they didn't know about yet so they gotta fix it. The best part about this is that it means the developer won't make that problem again in the future if they learned from it. I'm absolutely ready for the first module release. I know this game was created by veteran developers so they shouldn't be making a crap quality game or common rookie mistakes, but I totally expect bugs and lag. A rant about gamers who say "Ugh, just optimize the game." is a whole different thing if that even happens to Identity. P.S even though I strongly doubt it because who would bother renting an office and hiring developers, bother to interact with the community, do constant updates through twitch streams and monthly dev blogs, and have an entire community forum running - just to end up being a total scam. It seems like a very elaborate scam, but if it is a scam; I apologize for everybody waiting around so long for their time being wasted.
  3. My rant video

    So just to clear this up; This video is not intended to bring hate to the developers but more to show them what the community wants and give them some recommendations on what they should do! Leave your opinion; agree or disagree with my points on here on in the comments. Thanks- Aaron.
  4. Dear haters of this game, I understand that a lot of people have many doubts on this game thinking that it will be a 2nd "No Man's Sky" and it's too ambitious of a project, or simply just impossible, then please reconsider and give this game a chance. Yes there are a lot of expectations in this game and yes it has limitations but this game is striving to become a new genre all in itself. After this game comes out, or even before, you might see big corporations trying to copy this as this has become very popular and very unique. This brings me to my main point. If your trying to say that this game is like those made by major corporations, it's not. It's made by a small team of developers who fantasized about this type of game. Instead of sitting around like the rest of us do and expect a game like this to be handed to us, they took the initiative and MADE this game. Also, we aren't buying "early access" per say. We are giving the developers money to continue working on this game and bring this community something that we all enjoy. Most of us are here because we wanted this type of game to come out and when it did, we all jumped on the great idea and are trying to make it a reality. The people who pledge $30 or more will get beta access, yes. This doesn't mean that they are trying to suck all the money out of us as they can. They simply NEED funding unlike games made by BE or BLIZZARD or Valve, etc. I hope you put this here as a joke. If you meant this in a detrimental way then I think that you need to find a better use of your time. Again, the people of the Identity community love this game and wish for it to be a reality. If we didn't buy "early access" and all the other perks, then there would be no game. Valve can pump out new games for as long as they want without selling early access. They can make games that are F2P and have no micro transactions whatsoever simply because of the fact that they have the funding too and will be bringing in more money than they know what to do with. This being said, Asylum Entertainment has no major funding expect for the people that like the community and the game. I can't speak for everyone, but I think that most people part of the community appreciate what Asylum Entertainment is doing and giving us a game that is 1. Cheap, 2. NOT pay to win, and 3. Something that a lot of people have fantasized about for a long time. You can buy the game and become the most powerful person on the official servers just by playing and being dedicated. I am not 100% on this but I heard that it will cost around $15 USD to buy the full game. There are micro transactions but they are purely cosmetic. This is purely a community based driven game. Almost the whole world is controlled by the people. This is a game created by the people for the people. If you still have doubts in your mind then that's fine, different people have different opinions and you are entitled to yours. I hope that you can at least not spread hate about this game. Thanks for reading and if you agree then leave a like to show the power of the community and to show that you really care about this game! ~Rem P.S: If this can for some reason get pinned, It might help show the haters the power of the people and community!