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Found 6 results

  1. Hello. Im just going to say I am someone who hasnt really ever squalored around in negative posts about this being a bad game, the devs being scams, etc. I had some real hopes coming from this game, now of which have been squashed and I had moved onto bigger/better things and forming roleplay community of my own in games that already provide a medium of "life" roleplay. But Through intermittent checking of the status of this game and watching gameplay, I can just say that this is definitely a letdown, in so many areas. In my time, I've seen admins/devs waver people aside, ban unrightfully or for outspoken opinion, and some very very shadiness of certain practices; like for instance, the whole "mansion design" debocle where the concept artist had done nothing but redone a backcropping of Al Gore's house; and then Mod team disclaiming that it isnt a 'exact replica' when nothing changed but the backdrop. Aaaaallllll the way to the game itself seeming like a very, very poorly done UE4 showcase where the actual 'gameplay' elements seem like they are frankensteined together by someone very inexperienced, or them being ripped from other assets. Any correlation to trailers presented have been in a player controller/view that obviously is not present in the game along with content that "isnt done yet" but somehow extremely easy to imagine that it wouldnt look the same as the trailers if we were shown the exact content without the smoke and mirrors. This is not some sort of witch hunt, but me putting my final piece on what has been YEARS of waiting, silently, hoping for the best. These are all things that are not harmful, targetting comments, but rather things that are observably true. Its no longer a time for "Well just dont support us anymore" or "The game is still being worked on" or "Nobody is forcing you to stay". Each and every one of those offsetting comments from blind diehards or Mod Teams actuallly just shows the inability to level with the community, to be truthful, to share ACTUAL progress. With a larger dev team, a massive budget that SO MANY people would KILL to have and do some serious progress towards their projects, this could have been something. After a certain point, a team must take responsibility for the discrepancies rather than shoulder it all aside when they know that their community knows that there is less and less going as planned and the deciding factor as to why this has lost so much steam over the years is because of the lack of transparency, and the lack of responsibility. Money isnt everything, but time is, and I imagine that there are so many people who have prepared for so much more, to be part of something bigger, whole communities formed around this; and essentially the best that can be said is "Well refund it" or "Game still in progress!". Not even the point of people saying "Patience" can any longer apply anymore. No longer can it really be waived aside that a massive monetary backing apparently isnt enough to do what was said could be done. But there has been so many layers of incompetence with this project that I cant help but come to the conclusion that it was too ambitious to succeed with whoever is at the helm, and the team behind it as well.
  2. Just wanted to make a poll just to get an idea of how many pledgers there are, that's all
  3. Hi I am Thomas Hetch and I need applicants to be in my employees for a private security company. Starting wages are $40.00/hr. Guards get to carry guns. Usually pistols but if requested by hiring persons then rifles and shotguns. They will be with in the laws feet per second rate though. Apply here.
  4. Hello my name is Thomas Hetch and I am running for governor. I am the founder and CEO of a unnamed security company I think it is important that I should be elected governor because I believe that we need a safe, fair, and prosperous state. Since I know how to run a business I can use the economy to our advantage. If you want proof of how successful Hetch Tech is then you will see when a new branch come to Ash Hill. I think that all races, sexual orientations, religions, and political statuses should be welcome with loving arms in this great state. If you have any ideas or questions then just tell me in the replies. Thank You and don't be afraid to be heard and vote. Last of all my slogan is if you have the ability to help then you have the responsibility to help. This means that if you have a lot of money the you should donate a fair share of it to a charity. My platform right under this. Thanks, Hetch
  5. This is a repost of GamingSpectres, I take no credit for what is written! Original found here, link. Hello, I've developed a mini-project if you would refer to it like that for the common area of the Identity community! Now this isn't the only thread being published because I am spreading the word about this! Q: So, what does this teamspeak offer? A: We offer channels for groups, crews & etc. Groups & Crews will be on there permanently unless removed for breaking a rule! Q: Does It Cost? A: Fuck you obviously!? Nahhh it don't its a free service from me too the community. I got the O-Kay from Mr @Paratus so dont kill me please I will give you free cookies Q: Does it cost to use a channel for my crew / etc? A: Crew Channels & Etc will be free of charge, all it requires is the group leader/don/owner/ceo watever da hell?! But yeah it only requires that because I am a nice guy & why not? Derp Q: What gets my channel removed? A: Removed channels (groups n etc) will be removed due to one of these reasons: Inactive - UnUsed - Explicit Convos Or Images - Rude To Staff etc.. Q: Is It An Official Identity Server? A: Sadly fuckers it isn't, its just a public one for everyone on the forums... Current stuff on the server right now: We might run/base this off The Official, Main & Dedicated Servers Of Identity!!! More details coming later! Kind Regards, GamingSpectres =~~~=~~~=~~~=~~~=~~~=~~~=~~~=~~~= =~~~= =~~~= =~~~= Identity Public TeamSpeak Server =~~~= =~~~=~~~=~~~=~~~=~~~=~~~=~~~=~~~=
  6. Hello everyone and happy new year. Looking forward to continual updates on the project with high potential.