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Found 11 results

  1. Aaron for Mayor of the Town Square.

    Hello valued Citizens of the Town Square, I am Aaron and I run for Mayor of the Town Square. I will explain what are my plans and what I will bring to the Town Square and it' Citizen's. Q): What will you do, if you become Mayor? A): I will setup social events in the Townsquare, speeche's, Lotterys (As soon as we get money ingame), and simply some fun events. Q): What about Stores, Companys, Civil jobs? A): In order to own a Store or Company in the Town Square, you will have a talk with me, and you'll need money of course. In order to own a Company (without store) you will have to talk to me, but you don't need money. If you want a simple job, such as Cashier, you gotta talk to one of the Store Owners/Managers. Q): What about City Councils, and City Hall jobs? A): If you want to be a City Council, talk to me, I will interview you on Political stuff etc. To get a City Hall job, you simply got to talk to any Member of the City Council. Vote me, and I will make the Town Square better together with it's Citizens, a vote for me, is a vote for the future. If you want to have more fun, events in the Town Square, and a fair leader of the Town, vote me. I am not a ruler, but I will make this Town better by events, partys, and more social events. Vote me if you want a competent City-Management, and a trust able Person as Mayor.
  2. Olá Meus Caros Amigos(a)! Bolsa Pobreza Uma Empresa Que será sustentada por verbas governamentais e por outros grandes investidores no intuito de ajudar o jogador desempregado o jogador sem rumo, como ajudar estes jogadores doando tanto dinheiro se assim ele se cadastrar no programa bolsa Pobreza que irá dar um valor mensal ou Semanal para poder sobreviver. Qual será o valor a receber? Este Valor será de $110,00. Bem obviamente se a pessoa for mais necessitada e realmente obter o programa bolsa Pobreza para viver este valor pode ser maior em 35%. E se eu possuir uma família? Caso o portador da carteira do bolsa Pobreza terá de cadastrar sua família em seu nome e cada pessoa que ele sustenta irá aumentar 15% no valor a ser recebido! Bolsa Pobreza Dando Uma Oportunidade Aos Jogadores Humildes e Necessitados. Obrigado, mande ideias e sugestões. ----------------------English-------------------------- Hello My Dear Friends! Bolsa Pobreza A Company That will be supported by government funds and other major investors in order to help the unemployed player the player with no direction, how to help these players by donating so much money if he so signs up in the Poverty program that will give a monthly value or Weekly to survive. What will be the amount to receive? This amount will be $ 110.00. Well obviously if the person is most in need and actually get the Poverty scholarship program to live this amount can be higher at 35%. What if I own a family? In case the holder of the Poverty scholarship wallet will have to register his family in his name and each person he supports will increase 15% in the amount to be received! Poverty Bag Giving Opportunity To Humble And Needy Players. Thank you, send ideas and suggestions.
  3. Identity Political Organization

    Calling all Political Parties and Politicians! The Identity Political Organization is a new merge of some private individuals and The Identity Party Data Service. This new Organization hopes to cover All Things Political in the world of Identity. What we do: Political Interviews Debates Polls And this is just to start! We invite all Individual Politicians and Political Parties to join our Discord server, which can be found at The requirements for becoming a registered Politician with us is that you have aForum post, and give a basic outline of what you stand for, nothing more. Members of the Public, non-politicians, are invited to join and ask questions of the Politicians and Parties present on our Discord. We hope to see you all there and to see some interesting political debates and discussions occurring!
  4. Poll currently running (Update)

    The Identity_Party_Data is currently running a poll to make a base line for political statistics for the community and parties, I'm posting this notice in the general chat so that we can have a good general idea about the political climate of the game as well as the community. If you have the chance can you please look through the current political parties of the game and vote for the one you most support. Thank you for your help and we hope to give you the most accurate and reliable political data for all citizens.
  5. VOTE FOR Mr.X

    Hi Friends! Im Mr.X and im running for Governor of this fine town. Iv worked several years for my cousin GOLDIE WILSON's campaign for Hill Valley from 1985-2016. I also helped finance a small Paranormal investigation company called GHOSTBUSTERS with Dr. Ray Stantz, and private funding for time travel/exploration science with Dr. Emett Brown. I want low taxes for all, a city free of crime and homelessness, and a fair city that is big on jobs for women and minorities. Progress Is my middle name, that is my promise to you So vote for me! the peoples choice we are always accepting sponsors and those who would like to participate in our campaign
  6. Carpe Pecuniam for Governor.

    Hello, For those of you that do not know, my name is Carpe Pecuniam. I am the owner of Dollabank LLC and former economic adviser of Gene Smth. In the wake of Mr. Smith dropping from the race, I have decided that the only way to save the economy from becoming a stagnant, underground mess is to run myself. My position is very similar to his except I have a few ideas of my own. The first is to form a congress. This will be a committee of approximately 10-20 elected members from yet to be districts that will be drawn once the game is released and we have a better understanding of where people live. They will have the responsibility of creating bills that are signed into law by the governor. They, however, can override a veto with a 3/4ths majority. What I hope to achieve with this is to: A. Create a separation of power, so it is not all concentrated in the governor and the police B. Allow more people to be involved in government than just those running for governor. The second Idea involves my business. If I am not elected, my business will continue as a privately owned company with me as the sole holder of equity. However, if I am elected my business would be run by an appointed (by congress) committee of 12 members. They will be responsible for running the bank as a non-profit, managing interest rates in order to keep businesses and the economy growing. It would be a "national" bank. The third is that I hope to outline the responsibilities of the governor. I believe the governor should have a 6-month term, with a 3 term limit. I also believe he should be the head of police and the chief of police should have to enforce the laws he enacts. Finally, the governor should NOT be allowed to issue pardons, except if a majority in congress agrees with it. If you have any questions please feel free to ask below, and I will provide you with an answer to the best of my ability.
  7. Hello my name is Thomas Hetch and I am running for governor. I am the founder and CEO of a unnamed security company I think it is important that I should be elected governor because I believe that we need a safe, fair, and prosperous state. Since I know how to run a business I can use the economy to our advantage. If you want proof of how successful Hetch Tech is then you will see when a new branch come to Ash Hill. I think that all races, sexual orientations, religions, and political statuses should be welcome with loving arms in this great state. If you have any ideas or questions then just tell me in the replies. Thank You and don't be afraid to be heard and vote. Last of all my slogan is if you have the ability to help then you have the responsibility to help. This means that if you have a lot of money the you should donate a fair share of it to a charity. My platform right under this. Thanks, Hetch
  8. Do a poll, asking wich party we wud vote for, and a little description of each. I think it wud help people like myself to get an overview of what parties we are going to have, and what their different views on everything will be. I think it would be funny if they marked their top 3 main focuses, but I would also personally like to know their views on: Guns, homosexuals, taxes, unemployment and penalties.
  9. Let The Vote Begin

    So yeah... Let's see, about that Island name.

    People of Identity Why are you still waiting lets start the elections now i mean it now lets vote and wait till decemeber 2016 arrives and then we will choose. 1-Who would lile to be the governor of the official server in identity please right your name down. 2-who would like to vote for someone please give his comment a like and it will be voted. Results Will be show in November 2016. start voting nowww
  11. Controlled Choas

    Thought I'd add something to this section. So, most of us know that there will be elections, and people will be able to vote and elect someone to control the laws, taxes, ect. I'm assuming there will be limits still put on these things? Will there be a process to being elected so as to keep down on it being griefed and someone with a few friends getting them elected and then messing up the laws, taxes, or making inappropriate laws. example: racist, genocide. I'm assuming that there will be admins monitoring certain things like this though and removing people as needed?