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  1. Aaron for Mayor of the Town Square.

    Hello valued Citizens of the Town Square, I am Aaron and I run for Mayor of the Town Square. I will explain what are my plans and what I will bring to the Town Square and it' Citizen's. Q): What will you do, if you become Mayor? A): I will setup social events in the Townsquare, speeche's, Lotterys (As soon as we get money ingame), and simply some fun events. Q): What about Stores, Companys, Civil jobs? A): In order to own a Store or Company in the Town Square, you will have a talk with me, and you'll need money of course. In order to own a Company (without store) you will have to talk to me, but you don't need money. If you want a simple job, such as Cashier, you gotta talk to one of the Store Owners/Managers. Q): What about City Councils, and City Hall jobs? A): If you want to be a City Council, talk to me, I will interview you on Political stuff etc. To get a City Hall job, you simply got to talk to any Member of the City Council. Vote me, and I will make the Town Square better together with it's Citizens, a vote for me, is a vote for the future. If you want to have more fun, events in the Town Square, and a fair leader of the Town, vote me. I am not a ruler, but I will make this Town better by events, partys, and more social events. Vote me if you want a competent City-Management, and a trust able Person as Mayor.