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  1. Lately I've been loosing interest for Identity, mainly because I couldn't see any news really. It saddened me and I really didn't want to stop following the game.. But yeah. Today I decided to check on their twitter and on the forums. Goddamn. You guys are doing an amazing job! The office sneak peek and all the screens and streams.. Identity is in great shape. I'm sure to stick around now, I can't wait for a video or the town square module!
  2. My Personal Opinion

    Hey there fellow people! I'm here to give my opinion on this. I don't want any argument and I ain't here to complain as I don't really care about when it will go out or whatever, I got all my time. I'm a bit disappointed with their interaction with us though. What about those weekly tweet answers we used to get? And all those videos we got promised? I mean.. I've been working on a game for two months now, I'm a one man team, I work on modelling/programming/texturing and much more everyday and i still got the time to make two 20 mins videos to present all the gameplay mechanics and interfaces we've made (2 months and we got game mechanics and interfaces ready for final release) so I'd just like to know.. Is it pure laziness or is it just that you guys REALLY have nothing to show that could be intereting? I personally released a video on test gameplay mechanics and people loved it so.. Yeah. What do you guys think? I'm still hyped for the game, don't you worry.
  3. Graphics - Level of Details

    Aw man people that keep showing off their specs piss me off the most.
  4. Salut je cherche des francais pour parler d'identity car le jeux est super interessant et j'ai hate d'y jouer donc si tu veux j'ai creer un topic pour parler entre francais : 

    Donc si tu veux parler de tes projets d'avenir sur le jeux n'hésite pas a faire un tour

  5. Can you live with someone?

    Yes. The devs have confirmed that you can live with a friend in two bedroom houses. They didn't say anyting about the rent but I believe it might be split. Just a quick reminder: you should go on the Town Square forum to ask this type of question, here you are in the suggestions forum
  6. Instagram Account

    Says "IdentityRPG Development Updates and Screenshots of the game "Identity"" As presentation. For example, about him saying it's his stuff:
  7. Instagram Account

    Hey, So a while ago there was that guy who was talking about making an Instagram fan account for Identity. Though I think that he now acts like the pictures he is publishing are his. Check it out: Is that normal ?
  8. Let The Vote Begin

    Yeah, I agree ^^
  9. Let The Vote Begin

    So yeah... Let's see, about that Island name.
  10. No OOC

    So yeah, all's in the title. I was thinking after reading the post about kids and OOC raging, that there should just be no OOC.. Anybody knows if anything has been confirmed about that? No OOC means more roleplay (phoning, meetings, instead of just writing OOC "yo where you at") see what I mean?
  11. Unofficial Instagram site (cancelled)

    Looks promising ! Just don't let it end like the Imgur album, keep adding updates and you'll be good You could also add interesting twitter posts?
  12. New Screenies !

    That video was everything I had been wishing for. Knowing how hard it is to develop a game, that's just amazing progress.. Making a game modular is damn hard, can't wait to see what they're preparing for other features !
  13. New Screenies !

    Who wouldn't do so? x)