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Found 3 results

  1. Ray Tracing

    implements RTX for High-end computer ( C++ )
  2. Graphics - Level of Details

    I've heard from somewhere, that the devs have confirmed, that they will implement LOD graphic settings (I think it was from a Q&A-video on YouTube), but for players like me, who's playing on a toaster, who's almost can't run GTA Online on the lowest settings, how is our experience going to be?
  3. FREE 5 @LL

    RULES 1: You always have to tag someone in using this @ and their name. (EXAMPLE: @Motown) 2: You are aloud to tag multiple people. (Tag means about to Hit...or about to start a fight) 3: When you tag someone in, you have to explain what bloody mess you did to them. (EXAMPLE: ILL TAG SOMEONE IN AND THAN EXPLAIN MY ATTACK) @Motown *Grabs you by the shirt than slaps you into sh!t pieces*... You can also use a gif to show more understanding of your attack. So Motown wants payback and now its his turn to defend himself and attack. So watch your back because you might end up getting jumped. Sooooooo, yeah, this is just a repost of the topic FREE 4 @LL which I think people rather enjoyed and were sad when it was prematurely ended by it's creator, @Arrow. So I made this post, which is basically session 2. Let me start this off. Hey @Arrow, I'm not too happy about the ending of that last fight. Tell me, do you like the end of my sword better? (Basically I just do this)