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Found 2 results

  1. Graphics - Level of Details

    I've heard from somewhere, that the devs have confirmed, that they will implement LOD graphic settings (I think it was from a Q&A-video on YouTube), but for players like me, who's playing on a toaster, who's almost can't run GTA Online on the lowest settings, how is our experience going to be?
  2. Maybe you've heard that boredom can cause psychedelic stress to an individual. It could be useful for Identity, but it's purpose is not to make it like Sims - it could prevent people from standing around by beeing away from keyboard. I came up with the idea because the devs introduced a stress system, they will likely implement in their game. If the stress level rises the more hurtable your character will be. The player could prevent it by going to bed or maybe by sitting somewhere in-game and of course by doing things. So possibly no more people standing around doing nothing, because they could easily die. Unfortunately they have tricks to avoid this system, but it could be programmed so they have to do specific things. Tell me your feedback what would be good and bad about it and if it would work. ...and excuse my english.