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  1. About the delay.

    After hearing about a 2nd delay, and regression back to a progress bar instead of release date for specific tasks, I think it is time for me to take this forum off my homepage and will just wait until full release of the game in a few years. I have given the devs enough chances, and now I am done.
  2. PERP is just a huge meta-game. If you own an apartment or house - obviously growing drugs. There's BARELY any true RP to it.
  3. What guns do you want to see?

    A glock 22 (Chambered in .40 caliber) with a 33 round magazine, FNX .45 tactical with a surefire laser sight, you're old fashioned double barrel shotgun with a sawed off option, and a remington 870 shorty.
  4. Again Delayed huh? IDC anymore

    Sick reply, that really counters his argument! OP is right, I've basically seen nothing interesting at this point and I still have faith but won't be back until the 23rd of April. They should take notes from READY OR NOT - their gameplay video actually gave us in-depth gameplay and information in their last dev blog.
  5. Can you marry. (or homosexual)

    Of course, otherwise the devs would be islamophobic, homophobic, racist, misogynistic and a bunch of other liberal terms.
  6. Dear identity enthusiasts

    I have a feeling this game is made out of passion, but I am still waiting for the actual game to release to buy it simply because at this given moment, these devs are very unreliable. Everyone said "OHHHH its CUNFIRMD ON MARCH 21ST NOW" and we still get a delay. But then again, when I watch the streams, it seems the devs are passionate about the game. That's what made games good back in the day. Look at bungie compared to 343. This company is bungie(not literally for anyone who wants to be a smartass). Faith.
  7. Lets be Real About the Release Date

    This thread aged really well LOL sadly im not surprised. This is why I aint buyin a pass til it actually comes out
  8. Just your average day in the PC gaming community. Flame wars are unecessary but opinions are always good.
  9. Alright, I'm out.

    The video was a BIT of a disappointment, but let's wait and see how the actual game is before we abandon it. Only a few more weeks (fingers crossed) The development process is worrying me but I have what I like to call - FAITH
  10. Sad to Admit I Am Dissapointed

    The video looked as if it took a day to record and about 30 minutes to plan. My attitude towards this game is slowly declining.... I'm only human.
  11. Video

  12. Video

    This community is the type to over hype everything lmao... then when it doesn't reach expectations we all complain. Same cycle over and over. (I hate the delays but the content is still nice)
  13. "It will be days not weeks"

    Look, I don't like how they hyped up the last video and it ended up being stalled out for MONTHS. Nothing has been met on the deadline for these devs so far. (I know the last times weren't "confirmed" dates, but they put dates out there. That is my point. They never CONFIRMED this video, they use their words very wisely, and I'm starting to notice this.)
  14. Is everything still on track?

    They did this last time with the new dev blog that was supposed to hype everyone up. Wouldn't be surprised if it came tomorrow (31st) at about 9PM lol. This company isn't the BEST with dates. But as long as they deliver what us gamers crave, it's IGHT.
  15. That IS kind of stupid. As I've learned more and more about this game, I've been disappointed time and time again with how some of the mechanics will work. Oh well I guess