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  1. Been away 2 months... and have come back to...

    I agree. In my opinion, Asylum Entertainment shouldn't have announced the game until at least the Town Square was completed, if not after. I think where most of the failure comes from is simply a lack of experience (in business management), and a lack of balance. There was too much focus on the wrong things. Also, Asylum Entertainment is a small and independent company. There are no other games to their name (besides an Arma modification), they have only a handful of employees, and their budget (from donations) is very tiny. Despite experience from school and/or modding Arma, Identity is still their first video-game project, and a massive undertaking. Had they hired an experienced business manager in the video-game industry, and spent the time they wasted promising release dates on making tiny, simple games to get their name out there, this would probably all be different. Of course, popularity isn't always a good thing. Look at what that bloke PsiSyn said around the time the community burned. How convenient. But, if Asylum, like Telltale Games, had made some tiny game like Telltale Texas Hold'em, they could eventually pave their way to The Walking Dead, or, in Asylum's case, Identity. (I know Telltale wen't bankrupt. It was an example.) I still support Asylum Entertainment, and it is not their fault completely that things are the way they are. They are not a scam, and they don't mean any harm. They can still pull Identity out of the bog. I believe they can. I don't think it's over.
  2. My nephew (please read)

    UPDATE | February 1st, 2023: "Hamina hamina yuframistan" has been accepted into all dictionaries in The Balkan United Federation by order of General Secretary Aleksandar VučiΔ‡.
  3. Hello from Holland

    Welcome to the community! The links below should provide more information. They might be slightly outdated, though.
  4. Greetings from the US of A!

    Welcome to the community! Some links below will provide you with some more information, last time I checked.
  5. TO The Dev And the Community

    The Identity Steam page literally says "Early Access". There are less than 7 people working on Identity. I agree, there should be a few more programmers, but if Asylum could hire more, they would have already. These should give more info: More links below should provide more information!
  6. I want a refund These two pages should provide information.
  7. Road Map

    Hello, MiniGypsy. All of the information you need, including the task tracker and the module overview, can be found where @BrianHamilton said they would be, on the Identity Modules (click) page. If you need any more information, you can visit the Staff (click) page and contact some of the developers. If they don't respond, it is for a good reason.
  8. CCU | The Conservative Coalition Union

  9. CCU | The Conservative Coalition Union

  10. To Developers

    Possibly . . .
  11. Who screwed the pooch?

    I agree. This is Asylum's game, and the community should be satisfied whether it's delayed or not.
  12. If it doesn't release today, it will soon.