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  1. What guns do you want to see?

    The gun he is holding.
  2. Movie/Show

    What about a documentary with my investigation services! I'll contact you if there is an entertaining case one day.
  3. Hello from Bangladesh! :)

    Welcome to the community, Tuhin! Feel free to contact me for any info, or check out the links below for more information!
  4. Disclaimer: this company can and will change over time, so I will gladly accept any suggestions. ---------------------------- Official Discord - click here Welcome to Private Eyez Investigation Services, a simple and straightforward company that places getting the job done ahead of money. We are based in Ash Hill, but can hire/serve anyone on the island. Our Office Our office consists of two investigation rooms, two multi-use rooms, cubicle office room, a call room, break room, file room, and manager's office. INVESTIGATION ROOMS - Rooms that provide access to top-notch resources and more, to aid in cases. MULTI-USE ROOMS - Rooms that can be switched around and customized to fit whatever it is being used for. CUBICLE OFFICE ROOM - Main office room where investigators and other ground-work staff operate when they're not out in the field. CALL ROOM - A room with two desks dedicated to taking/making calls. One of them is for business, the other is to the investigators. BREAK ROOM - This room includes a TV, couch, kitchen area, and table. MANAGER'S OFFICE - This room contains a formal office area, bookshelves, and an adjoining bedroom. FILE ROOM - Where records are stored. What we offer We offer basic investigative services, as well as more detailed ones. If you require a detailed service, you can describe it to us, and we can get back to you on pricing/any other details. DOMESTIC CASES (Divorce, cheating, etc.) $50/hour Paid investigator travel (Free investigator travel in Ash Hill) MINOR THEFT CASES (Small items stolen, small amounts of cash stolen, etc.) $40/hour Free investigator travel MAJOR THEFT CASES (Cars stolen, expensive items stolen, large amounts of cash stolen, etc.) $50/hour Paid investigator travel (Free investigator travel in Ash Hill) CYBER CASES (Stalking, cyber-theft, harassment) $40/hour Free investigator travel PLAGIARISM CASES (Any form of custom content stolen) $55/hour Paid investigator travel (Free investigator travel in Ash Hill) FRAUD CASES (Scams, lies, etc.) $45/hour Free investigator travel IMMERSION BREAKING HARASSMENT CASES (O.O.C. harassment, RDM, etc.) $60/hour Paid investigator travel (Free investigator travel in Ash Hill) MAKE-A-CASE The fees depend on what you want. WAGES We cherish our simple wages. Investigator - wage is 50% of what you get paid per case. (You would earn $22.05 per hour on a fraud case.) Phone operator 1 (part time) - $5/hour Phone operator 2 (full time) - $10/hour Secretary - $15/hour File room worker 1 (part time) - $5/hour File room worker 2 (full time) - $10/hour Extra befits can be requested, and then accepted or denied by the manager. For any additional info, please contact me!
  5. Pictures of Ash Hill (Asheville)

    Nope. I was actually writing something that had to do with "Ash Hill" - you'll see in a bit
  6. Pictures of Ash Hill (Asheville)

  7. Pictures of Ash Hill (Asheville)

    I was writing a post that included something about this right when you posted this!
  8. Mansions

    I hope so, I don't want to pay $500,000,000 for a hat and $9,000,000,000 for a vape!
  9. Mansions

    There will be mansions, and they will be big. Certain mansions will function as a capture point for cartels/other criminal organizations. These mansions will be similar to the one from the movie "Scarface". The other "mansion" will be a penthouse. As of yet, there is no official price for the mansion.
  10. Tohmpson Custom Cycles

    Is there a real life counterpart to this?
  11. Fan artwork submission!

    I would love to see a Satriale's style building, kind of like what they did in GTA IV.
  12. A face to the name of Developers...

    John VanderZwet - Paratus Liam Hogan - Bentbot Lee Perkins - Jade That is all I could find as of yet.
  13. Hello from Canada

    Welcome to the community! Some links below will provide you with some more information!