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  1. Everyone STOP!!!!

    Its okay, you're slow mind will catch up eventually. It's easy to insult with someone when their incapable of actually understanding anything.
  2. Everyone STOP!!!!

    Its not that people are asking questions, which is a short-sighted response really, its the fact that this is the thousandth post on this website asking the same question. It has been answered and addressed time and time again, and the developers are fully aware of the issues present; everyone seems to act like their completely unaware or blind to this fact. I have in fact touched a game engine, and I have contributed to this community in more than just monetary by helping out newcomers (at the start) and engaging in forum conversations discussing the various possibilities in the game; providing feedback and professionally constructed criticisms. Now that aside, I don't give two shites about the youngsters on here and i'll explain why: This is the internet, there is far worse out there then a little cussing; not to mention there have been posts, comments and discussions far more vulgor than my cussing. If that's not enough, I'll go on: anyone at the age of 12 and up has already learned for the most part, almost every average cuss there is because in this day and age this is common among junior highs and obviously high schools so let's not pretend my one comment on an idiotic post on an early access game is going to twist the minds of young minds. So TLDR; you're an idiot, but congratulations on making me put in the effort. Go do some digging on the forum and you'll find all the answers you're looking for instead of shitting on the people who actually know what their talking about and have been doing what they can to drive this dumb hysteria out the window. If you don't like the answers you find, then get out.
  3. Everyone STOP!!!!

    I'm Canadian, and I pledged in the Kickstarter. I don't bitch and complain like i'm 5. The game will release when it releases, "There's no transparency" "Delayed AGAIN" all this whining. Unless you're gonna develop the game stfu, sit down and actually contribute instead of flapping your gums every day that goes by fuck.
  4. Looking for a Serious RP Server

    Oh god what a toxic community. You're not wrong, though there are a few places you can get some serious rp. I frequented Nebulous back in the day for HL2RP
  5. Relationships between players.

    *Insert typical elementary insult here*
  6. Lets be Real About the Release Date

    Seriously though, is someone counting these ridiculous posts? It'll be hilarious to have a throwback when it does release.
  7. bad idea to release this month

    Umm he never replied negatively? Pretty straightforward. Don't get so triggered maybe?
  8. YOU DECIDE! Part 3

    I double check to see if my doors are locked and blast music in my car, moving on with my day. What's he gonna do?
  9. This is pointless. . .

    So fuckin' hopeless its hilarious
  10. Computer can't be booted

    Some of these comments are hilarious, only one of you had a somewhat accurate answer. First of all, the issue you're getting has nothing to do with windows 10. The problem is literally spelled out in the error, you're putting in the wrong password (or mispelling it) or you've entered the wrong username. Now there are a great many ways to fix this, none of them are casual user friendly (and by that, I mean someone who doesn't have a solid understanding of software and how PC's work). If you sincerely cannot login, or recall your login, the easiest thing would be to completely re-install the OS. It may seem like a hassle, but it works every time guarantee. Side Note: Seriously, I have no idea where some of these comments are getting their info from
  11. This is pointless. . .

    Honestly we should have a thread somewhere counting the amount of posts people make about "This is a scam" "Game is delayed AGAIN" "Look, I love the game but listen guys this has got to stop" like seriously its a broken record These people act like the devs arent aware, with all the people screaming helplessly on the forum about it of course they know.
  12. cost

    The prices shown now will change once the Town Square module release, at that point, feel free to correct me if I'm wrong, but once it releases if you haven't bought the founders you're basically S.O.L until the game is fully released; but you'll be able to pre-order.
  13. Please tell me those aren't the final animations...

    I'd hope so. The devs have said that once Town Square releases they'll still be continuously working on it so more features and polished content will release until all modules are released and we hit beta
  14. Please tell me those aren't the final animations...

    This game came out on Kickstarter when it was concept only. Once they hit their goal, they got to work right away on the game. Why would anything in a pre-alpha be final?
  15. What is this shit

    Why is it that everyone who has a negative opinion on Identity can't even put together a sentence properly let alone spell things.