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  1. New website ?

    I also have been more quiet on this forums because I feel there are to many negative and aggressive topics towards Identity. I was going to comment on this topic with a lot of text but then again some nay saier will pitch in defend their point. Too many toxic people on this forums for my taste. Me signing off until Forums are a place where we all come along and can discuss the game without demanding stuff.
  2. This Month "dev blog"?

    Here you go... Dev Blog 18
  3. Was wondering this myself, maybe someone recorded it?

    Well i'm glad there's not going to be any bunny hopping At least I wish for it.
  5. You'd think that we'd see more gameplay

    I am not suggesting anything here, concerns are fine as long as they are constructive and not destructive. I think you do also want this game to get made if I am correct? Your right, but we are the ones making it possible or not. With our hype or with bashing it. Correct, but to make it possible, gamer's and much more are necessary to make a project get even more famous. Hyps start with communities. Correct because they stated that they want to invest all their resources into making the game and not have to update and lose time with community interactions. Now I am not saying that it is better but they do not have to concern themselves about stuff that is going on beside development of the game. I never said you are but there were a lot of topics that were.
  6. You'd think that we'd see more gameplay

    And this is why everybody should be aware that this might happen any time with any crowdfunding projects. Demanding and clotring the forums with you have to this and that does not help this project. The devs decide whenever and however they want to inform us. I do understand that communicates is key here, but mistakes are made all the time not only by the devs but also by the community. What hurts the project mostly are the topics from us supporters which do not believe or are pissed off about fals communications. That is also a reason why many new Kickstarter projects do only communicate over kickstarter and do not offer interactions on a forum. Look at Scorn there is no forum. This project needs a lot off funding and only with a community which can communicate in a manner that is healthy and constructive will help them. If all of us would scream liars this is a scam identity would be canceled in a short period of time because new backers would be rare and the devs certaly would also be pissed off and say f*** this. This is their first game they are making, it is very ambitious and needs a lot of support but also funding and healthy critiques. It certainly does not need annoyed supporters bashing and demanding and telling them what they need or have to do. I am sure they know that they have made mistakes and are trying to please and eas our minds. We all need to understand we are investors with benefits nothing else. Also that they offer us a forum so that we can discuss the makings of this game is a bonus. They could have easily just only have made a website without community interactions until the game would have been made. Would have probably be a better idea, but I am very happy they have not made that decision.
  7. You'd think that we'd see more gameplay

    And if not? You and others will be complaying around again. @JohnNYBlaze has valid point here. A lot of us pledged much more than those whom are complaining constantly. It will be done when it's done nobody can change that. Only the devs decide what we will be seeing early on in development. He said outside founding stating a company or publisher, thos come always with roadmaps, deadlines, restrictions and much more. Crowdfunding is completely different, the developers ask for money and in return you get benefits but are not entitled to anything else.
  8. You'd think that we'd see more gameplay

    My thoughts too
  9. You'd think that we'd see more gameplay

    Well, I got speed demon $ 250.
  10. This are great news, everything is coming together now and soon we will be playing TS
  11. Weekly Hopes #3

    No fights here all good!
  12. Town Square Map!

    Now we just need someone who knows how to make a map out of this pictures
  13. Weekly Hopes #3

    Actually @DiddlyDoo54 is right here you did say that
  14. Task list photos | UPDATED DAILY!

    May I ask why bother commenting here if you do not believe in this game? You could wait until the game gets released like you stated on your refund request. Many of us do think that this tracker is a good thing and shows us that there is progress. Also up until now there was nothing new added to the tracker.
  15. Weekly Hopes #1

    Not sure if I am understanding you right here, but when we talk about TS we are talking about Town Square not TeamSpeak... or am I missing something here?