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Found 3 results

  1. Weekly Hopes #3

    Do you guys think people should be allowed to break into your homes and steal your stuff? Tell us why!!
  2. Im doing this to get an Idea where all you stand today.
  3. Thanks for giving some hopes

    Hello I am from India. I loved the project as soon as heard it from my friend. This project maybe the real life changing for me. Actually I have a neurological disorder and cant move my body below waist. I would be able to do a lot in here what i cant do in real life. I would live as I want to live here. Like I always wanted to be a police officer. I would be able to use my Ideas and creativity in there. Oh God I cant tell you how excited I am for this to happen for me. Now I will save my money to send you guys to help in the project. Though I am sorry I cant send big donations as I earn very little deu to my disability. But I will save as much as I can and defiantly send you guys. Ihope it will help all other people like me and thats why I want to help. I am writing this just to give you guys my respect for your efforts. You guys cant even imagine how would it be a positive cause to lift up the moral people like me. It will somehow make them run around and do things. I cant thank you enough for the effort making something like this possible. I am desperately waiting for this game to come online. My suggestion is : Make a platform where this could reach to the people like me easily. Like spread news about this in hospitals etc. Also if possible give it a support for VR. If possible add some buildings and real world sites for people to visit. Again my best wishes for you guys. I hope you succeed in your project. May God give you guys a very successful and happy life. Thanks.