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  1. Bourne Car Rental

    UPDATE: Due to some exceptional work by @Shortwe know have a form that you can fill out and send to us via jotform in order to rent your preferred vehicle, the time and date, and area where you want to pick up the vehicle if you are busy. Here is the form and I will also be posting it on the main thread as well. Thank You, and have a great day
  2. Mansions

    The shops, as well as art galleries and businesses, will all be player based making them choose their prices and how they want to run their own shop. Pretty much a player based economy as they have said before
  3. Identity Chess League

    I'm sure there are players that will match your skill in the ICL
  4. Identity Chess League

    Awesome! If you join the discord, i can assign you the player role for Season 2 and we will be on our way. Sorry for the late response
  5. Supercar Saturday!

    Would be down to do this anytime, love cars and everything about em. Also to become a "member" would you just need to attend an event?
  6. Identity Chess League

    It sure is, and we will be starting as soon as Town Square is up!
  7. ?Pulse Websites?

    This would be incredibly useful to new business starting up in the Identity community and also help others alike. May I ask what program you would be using or will it be created from scratch?
  8. Identity Chess League

    Our league will officially be in session when Town Square is up but we will still be looking for players and spectators before then.
  9. Bourne Car Rental

    Bump - Still Hiring 1-2 more Customer Service Specialists. Please refer to the initial post in the thread for more information and feel free to message me on any questions you have!
  10. First-Class Coaches

    When you do start hiring, will you take your drivers through a training process in order for them to know the layout of the city and drive safely? Because I don't want to hop on a bu and than be taken on a joyride through the city to my destination. It would make me feel very unsafe.
  11. Thoughts on E3?

    I'm hyped for Just Cause 4 and Forza Horizon 4. It's going to be in England mates! Just Cause 4 is going to be lit like it's staged in so many areas with a godly engine behind it. Also Forza will; change with the season so you can experience different settings of the map in different times; that will be godly.
  12. Bourne Car Rental

    Still Hiring 2 more Customer Service Specialist with the Job Benefits above on the first post. The Specialists will also receive personal protection as well as access to the company fleet for any ventures. They will also be allowed to give their friends a 10% discount if they refer them to using us as their rental place.
  13. Hollywood

    I mean in order for there to be celebrities, then there would have to be a form of entertainment that grows big and someone would have to be on the top of that. Organizations like the Identity Chess League want to make players a "celebrity" or more or less like a pro player for the ICL so I guess we could have them but it's more of making or creating them from scratch instead of pop right into existence
  14. Identity Chess League

    Season 1 has officially started and here is the bracket. The matches will be played in TS.
  15. Gambling

    ICL - Identity Chess League ( I don't want to spell it out so i shortened it )