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  1. Private Eyez Investigation Services

    this is amazing! YOu should put more thought and more effort into this and make a Discord with it.
  2. [HIRING] Clearwater Security Company

    Position you're applying for: Executive Security Agent What makes you the right candidate for the job?: I have worked in security before for a small company. I was the Security Supervisor and I employed 5 security guards and trained them how to do their job well. Im also very mature when it comes to business and I have a great sense of humor and im a nice guy. Specify if you have any experience in relation to the position you're applying for: I was a Security Supervisor for a small company named Bourne Car Rental. There I employed and trained 5 security guards. Age: 16 Do you have any history of being in a criminal organization*: None Please Dm me for my full resume Discord: Short #5496
  3. [ŧ] ŧemper - Recruitment - [OPEN]

    Honestly how tf do they have members?
  4. Bourne Car Rental

    I have resigned
  5. Drug deals

    Well since your post has changed a lot and you want to know how I will do business I will try my best to elaborate. I am the leader/founder for Grape Street Crips?. We make most of our money drug running and dealing with distribution of guns on the side. I will have around 3-5 main suppliers that will supply my gang with drugs to sell on the street.
  6. Drug deals

    Alright dumbass, this forums is for a game called Identity and is only for the GAME nothing else.
  7. Sentinol Crips

    You guys straight copied my post! Ion like that shit one bit. If I catch you slacking one more time bet there will be a bullet in every one of your members head.
  8. [ŧ] ŧemper - Recruitment - [OPEN]

    You guys got a Discord??
  9. Grape Street Crips

    Well Yakuza made enemies with me and their a bunch of pussys!
  10. Grape Street Crips

    How so?
  11. [ŧ] ŧemper - Recruitment - [OPEN]

    Im high key making so much fun of your Agario clan name you picked for this gang