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  1. Slaughter Gang **Recruiting**

    Shit would be to easy!
  2. We know, you've stated this before.
  3. Well if it was legal it would reduce crime rate because if it was illegal people would get charged for having it, smoking it, or distribution. If it was legal there would be no laws against it and will reduce the crime rate.
  4. Should Marijuana be legal? Please Reply with what you think about it and also give your opinions on why it should be or why it shouldn't be.
  5. The Town Square is coming to Steam!

    How come this hasn’t been reviewed long time ago? Like no offense you guys are promisingly a lot and you guys need to step up your game and get this game out cause some devs are starting to make games exactly like yours and they are more promising and they seem to have a more realistic release date and they seem to be getting more done.
  6. Identity Central

    Wait so this is basically Identity Business Server! Lmao
  7. Kibo To Yume Law Firm

    Get in our Discord and we can talk about it.
  8. Kibo To Yume Law Firm

    Disclaimer: This post, the discord, and the website is still a work in progress and is not the final business. About us The expert team of attorneys at Kibo To Yume Law Firm has considerable experience in insurance defense, commercial litigation, medical liability and employment law, and an outstanding trial record. From thorough investigation and careful evaluation of your case, to timely and knowledgeable advice, with an uncompromising focus on results, PLF provides the attention, expertise, and cost-effectiveness of a smaller law firm with the full-service and strong regional presence typical of a large law firm. Established in 2016, we have vigorously defended our clients in all types of lawsuits, from medical malpractice to employment issues, business disputes and general liability. Price List of Legal Services You can go to our discord and talk to a lawyer about consultation. Consultation - $75 an Hour Representation in Court - $100 an Hour Drafting Statement of Claims, Contracts, and Other Documents - $75 an Hour Establishing a Company/Organisation/Association in Court - $350+ Current Positions Lawyer/Attorney(2/5) Receptionist(0/1) How to apply Go to our discord and apply there. Qualifications: -Pass our Bar Exam Test -16+ years of age -Own the game -Excellent customer service skills -Resume(Preferred) Website & Discord
  9. Crime Problems

    I get on here and there. I also need your discord!
  10. Crime Problems

    Yeah the only thing with Defcon is they don't have good civ jobs sooo everyone just RDM's and is apart of a gang.
  11. Crime Problems

    I understand and this will be a big problem!
  12. Private Eyez Investigation Services

    this is amazing! YOu should put more thought and more effort into this and make a Discord with it.
  13. [HIRING] Clearwater Security Company

    Position you're applying for: Executive Security Agent What makes you the right candidate for the job?: I have worked in security before for a small company. I was the Security Supervisor and I employed 5 security guards and trained them how to do their job well. Im also very mature when it comes to business and I have a great sense of humor and im a nice guy. Specify if you have any experience in relation to the position you're applying for: I was a Security Supervisor for a small company named Bourne Car Rental. There I employed and trained 5 security guards. Age: 16 Do you have any history of being in a criminal organization*: None Please Dm me for my full resume Discord: Short #5496
  14. Bourne Car Rental

    I have resigned
  15. Drug deals

    Well since your post has changed a lot and you want to know how I will do business I will try my best to elaborate. I am the leader/founder for Grape Street Crips?. We make most of our money drug running and dealing with distribution of guns on the side. I will have around 3-5 main suppliers that will supply my gang with drugs to sell on the street.