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Found 2 results

  1. Kibo To Yume Law Firm

    Disclaimer: This post, the discord, and the website is still a work in progress and is not the final business. About us The expert team of attorneys at Kibo To Yume Law Firm has considerable experience in insurance defense, commercial litigation, medical liability and employment law, and an outstanding trial record. From thorough investigation and careful evaluation of your case, to timely and knowledgeable advice, with an uncompromising focus on results, PLF provides the attention, expertise, and cost-effectiveness of a smaller law firm with the full-service and strong regional presence typical of a large law firm. Established in 2016, we have vigorously defended our clients in all types of lawsuits, from medical malpractice to employment issues, business disputes and general liability. Price List of Legal Services You can go to our discord and talk to a lawyer about consultation. Consultation - $75 an Hour Representation in Court - $100 an Hour Drafting Statement of Claims, Contracts, and Other Documents - $75 an Hour Establishing a Company/Organisation/Association in Court - $350+ Current Positions Lawyer/Attorney(2/5) Receptionist(0/1) How to apply Go to our discord and apply there. Qualifications: -Pass our Bar Exam Test -16+ years of age -Own the game -Excellent customer service skills -Resume(Preferred) Website & Discord
  2. Hamlin Hamlin & McGill

    Hamlin Hamlin & McGill - Attorneys at Law All lawyers that are a part of the Hamlin Hamlin & McGill are experienced and the best person to help you with your case. All of our prices are negotiable depending on the work we have to do and if we succeed or not. Every associate goes through a series of tests to be sure he/she is qualified to help you with your case. Careers at HHM: Please visit this thread below to apply to join us What to hire us for: If you were wrongfully accused of a crime or want your sentence reduced If a lawsuit was filed against your company If you need legal advice If you want to file a lawsuit against a company If you need a contract made If there is any other legal problem not listed here, we will still be able to handle it for you. You can also put HHM on retainer for your company. Ranks: (Good pay) Associate - Represents clients in and/or out of the courtroom (Decent pay) Paralegal - Research, schedule meetings, help prepare cases (Decent pay) Legal Secretary - Answer phone calls/messages from clients and potential clients, update calendar, prepare travel arrangements (Decent pay) Bookkeeper - Keep track of the law firm financially, make sure everyone gets paid the correct amount, take payments from clients (High pay) Partner - A partner owns a percentage of the Law Firm and receives a cut of money from every single case, they can act as a lawyer or manager Invest in HHM: If you see potential in this firm, you can invest in us. Private Message @Fractal if you are looking to invest. Investors will give a specific amount of money to the firm in exchange for a percentage of the company. Meaning if you pay enough to get 25% of the company, you will receive 25% of all profits. This is strictly profit, meaning the money left over after we pay all of the staff and for the building. Investors who own over 15% can become a Partner. How to earn ranks: Lawyer Pass a mock trial and an interview Little to no criminal history Know the laws Paralegal Pass an interview Little to no criminal history Know the laws Legal Secretary Pass an interview Little to no criminal history Know the laws Bookkeeper Work in any of the above jobs for a few weeks Pass an interview and test Have a stable bank account Partner Own at least 15% of the firm Work as an Associate or Bookkeeper Get approved by at least 66% of the partners List of Investors/Staff: @Fractal - 51% - Partner @Jamadin - 0% - Associate - Stock for sale: 49% Stock Price per 0.1%: Unknown at this time