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  1. Question about the game to those who have played.

    I'm pretty sure you need internet to play the game fully as it's a multiplayer online game. You were able to run town square and explore by yourself when the servers were down, but I'm not sure if you're still able to. To get the game and play the modules before full release you need to buy the founder pack which is $30.00 on the store
  2. Hello from the UK

    During my time on the forums and in Town Square I haven't met almost any people from England, (or the UK), so hello to everyone from this UK player. Would be nice to meet some more
  3. Art in Town Square

    People are so creative and I can't even draw a circle lol
  4. 🎄 Christmas event/update 🎅

    Some Christmas songs on the karaoke could be fun and festive 🎅
  5. Police Roll Call...

    I've lurked for a long time, but as town square is near to release I've decided to join in on the forums. Thanks for the welcome!
  6. Police Roll Call...

    I'm gonna become a police officer when the game launches, I'll probably be spending a bit of time on public servers but I hope eventually there'll be a hardcore/serious rp server to play on. It's gonna be pretty interesting, since I know the game will be using American law enforcement systems, so I'll have to learn how the American justice system works. The posts I've seen recently are pretty male-dominated, so it'll also be unusual to be one of the fewer females on the servers. I'm also excited to create an interesting backstory and personality for my officer. Looking forward to playing with you guys!