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  1. The Technocratic Party

    The Technocrats did have their setbacks, that is why the new incarnation is around.
  2. Does anyone play NationStates or Omerta? (browser games) You guys look like you've been on the website a while.
  3. Does anyone play NationStates or Omerta? (browser games)

    I'm relatively a newcomer to NationStates, but I still play it.
  4. Possible Problem with Identity Emails?

    No, it isn't playable yet and it will not appear in your library because the build has not been submitted to Steam yet. Relax, it will, they are just trying to make it perfect.
  5. Can we please have some honesty and transparency?

    I believe the best part of your post is the part I quoted. I agree, an ETA is necessary and they need to stick by it regardless of bugs. No game, in the history of gaming, has ever been released 100% bug-free. I hope they complete it soon, the main thing I'm afraid of is if they take too long someone is going to copy their idea and release a game before them. If that happens, everybody will jump ship off Identity and go to the completed one. We live in a world of entropy, focusing on near-perfection on the first release is naive, especially in a world where we have limited lifespans.

    There are no police in Town Square.
  7. What do the pets... do?

    Because police and criminals are not allowed to enter your apartment/house. That means if illegal pets were allowed, pets which would be in your home, how would the police enforce it?
  8. The Technocratic Party

    Their meatballs have tried.
  9. Identity competition? Nine to Five

    EmergeNYC looks promising, however, they should know never to pop the hood of a burning vehicle.
  10. Who is your character?

    Name: Harrison M. Sparrow. Nickname: Harry. Reason for nickname: Colleagues. Birthday: November 17, 1955. Age: 62. Gender: Male. Place of birth: San Francisco, California. Places lived since: Iowa, New York, Italy. Parents’ names, backgrounds, occupations: Thomas A. Sparrow / Farmer, Orna B. Sparrow / Mechanic. Number of siblings: Two. Relationship with family (close? estranged?): Estranged. Happiest memory: 2006. Childhood trauma: 1965. Children of his/her own?: N/A If so, relationship with their mother/father?: N/A Age he/she gave birth/became a father: N/A PHYSICAL Height: 5' 8''. Weight: 160. Build: Ectomorph. Nationality: American. Disabilities (physical or mental, including mental illnesses): Spinal injury, chronic pain. Complexion (freckles, acne, skin tone, birth marks): Pale skintone. Face shape: Oval. Distinguishing facial features: Visible "laugh-lines". Hair color: Rustic brown. Usual hair style: Spiked. Eye color: Green. Glasses? Contacts?: Glasses, Heavy Bridge. Style of dress/typical outfit(s): Three-Piece Suit. Typical style of shoes: Dress shoes. Health (is this person usually sick? or very resilient?): Resilient. Grooming (does she/he wear makeup? shower daily? wear only clean clothes? pluck her eyebrows?): “Cleanliness may be defined to be the emblem of purity of mind.” - Joseph Addison Jewelry? Tattoos? Piercings?: Resco Instruments Watch. Accent?: American. Unique mannerisms/physical habits (bites nails, talks with hands, taps feet when restless): Drums fingers on furniture. Athletic?: About average. INTELLECT Level of education (high school drop out, undergrad BA/BS, PhD, MD, etc.): Masters Degree in Mechanical Engineering. Level of self esteem: “No one can make you feel inferior, without your consent.” - Eleanor Roosevelt Gifts/talents: Computer and Electrical Engineering. Shortcomings: Injuries. Style of speech (loud, mumbler, articulate, etc.): Calm and articulate. “Left brain” or “right brain” thinker?: Right. Artistic?: “Music, mathematics, and art are considered the pinnacle of human creativity.” - Anonymous Mathematical?: I'm an engineer. Makes decisions based mostly on emotions, or on logic?: A highly logical emotionally complex process. Neuroses: Perfectionism, vigilance, cynicism. Life philosophy: You never die, if someone remembers you. Religious stance: “Men became scientific because they expected Law in Nature, and they expected Law in Nature because they believed in a Legislator.” - C. S. Lewis Cautious or daring?: Caution is the parent of safety. Most sensitive about/vulnerable to: Atrocities. Optimist or pessimist?: Pessimist. Extrovert or introvert?: Introvert. Level of comfort with technology: Again, I'm an engineer. RELATIONSHIPS Current marital/relationship status: Married. Sexual orientation: Heterosexuality. Past relationships: Several but sparse. Primary reason for being broken up with: Cynicism. Primary reasons for breaking up with people: Perfectionism. Level of sexual experience: “Love isn't an act. It's a whole life.” - Brian Moore A social person? (popular, loner, some close friends, makes friends and then quickly drops them): Once you're in, you're in. Most comfortable around (person): Gracelyn C. Sparrow. Oldest friend: Lincoln K. Falco. How does he/she think others perceive him/her?: A happily married individual. How do others actually perceive him/her?: A calculated but creepy Technocrat. VOCATION Profession: Leader of the Technocratic Party. Past occupations: Computer Engineer, Financial Manager Passions: Reading, chess. Attitude towards current job: I'm finally the boss. Attitude towards current coworkers, bosses, employees: We all have one primary goal. Salary: $150,000 SECRETS (Every character–no matter how minor–should always have secrets!) Phobias: Acrophobia. Life goals: “We all have an obligation as citizens of this earth to leave the world a healthier, cleaner, and better place for our children and future generations.” - Blythe Danner Dreams: Achieve total planetary sustainability. Greatest fears: Causing the loss of innocent lives. Most ashamed of: Past wrongs. Most embarrassing thing ever to happen to him/her: I was the only student to fail an exam in a class. Compulsions: Adjusting glasses. Obsessions: Truth and rooting up lies. Secret hobbies: Book collecting. Secret skills: Tailoring. Past sexual transgressions: “Whoever says he is without sin is a liar or is blind.” - Pope Francis Crimes committed (and was he/she caught? charged?): If our nation was founded upon an act of sedition, why is it a crime? What he/she most wants to change about his/her current life: Win the election. What he/she most wants to change about his/her physical appearance: Most leaders have been tall individuals, something I would not be opposed to changing. DETAILS/QUIRKS Daily routine: Always include a walk and a book, preferably in that order. Night owl or early bird?: “The early bird gets a choice which, to me, is more important than the worm itself.” - Stacey Alcorn Light or heavy sleeper?: Light as ununoctium. Favorite food: Nothing beats a legitimate Lasagna. Least favorite food: Twinkies. Favorite book: There are too many, although the classics have stood the test of time. Least favorite book: Go Set a Watchman, Lord of the Flies. Favorite movie: Wargames. Least favorite movie: WarGames: The Dead Code. Favorite song: The Sound of Silence / Zombie. Least favorite song: Filthy. Coffee or tea?: Tea has been known to be quite the anticarcinogen. Crunchy or smooth peanut butter?: Smoother than a fresh jar of Skippy. Type of car he/she drives (or wishes he/she drove): Lincoln Town Car or Cadillac Escalade SUV depending on the occasion. Lefty or righty?: Righty. Favorite color: Blue-orange, for example a sunrise. Cusser?: “Profanity is the effort of a feeble brain to express itself forcibly.” - Spencer W. Kimball Smoker? Drinker? Drug user?: “Drug misuse is not a disease, it is a decision, like the decision to step out in front of a moving car. You would call that not a disease but an error of judgment.” - Philip K. Dick Biggest regret: Wasting so much time. Pets?: “They motivate us to play, be affectionate, seek adventure and be loyal.” - Tom Hayden
  11. The Technocratic Party

    I am proud to announce the beginning of the Technocratic Party. We believe in Technocracy. Listings of our team members, policies, and party description can be located on our website. Our Discord link is also on our website. Feel free to contact us with any concerns or questions you have about Technocracy. We hope to inject new life into the political sphere of Identity. Interested in joining the party as a supporter, officer, or minister? Positions are open and we hope to add several more as our community grows.
  12. Pilot Jobs?

    Aircraft will be illegal in the game, as the island was restricted to a no-fly zone after the incident of '98. Roleplay aside, there will be no aircraft in the game as it diminishes the importance of land-based transport.
  13. Medical System - A comprehensive Look

    It is possible, and I would prefer a realistic medical system. Thanks for this, hopefully, the developers can use it as a blueprint later on in development.
  14. Prostitutes and sexual interactions

    The reason the developers have decided to op out of the children sector is for legal issues. Let's say for example that sex was a mechanic of the game. Do you really want to deal with pedophiles or child-killers? Adults dying may seem funny or at least somewhat normal, but children getting caught up in it can take it to a whole different level. Now, it is most likely that in the post-full game release that mods will allow child characters, but they are also probably going to have several restrictions on the criminal sector. After full-release, there will be a mod option. If you really want that, you can have it on a private server after building those mods yourself. Now, if you have to mute everyone, wouldn't that destroy the realism? This is the third large forum post that wouldn't die on this subject, so I am going to repeat what I have done before. @LuckyDuck please kill this forum.
  15. Pay again for Town Square Module?

    The $15.00 citizen package has always not had access to the modules. Buy the Founder package immediately before the prices change, unless of course, you mind the long wait.