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  1. It's almost time!

    Most likely not everyone will be downloading right away, if anyone is in the same college semester boat as me... most likely won't download till mid-December.
  2. Mr. Lucious Times For Governor ( The Royal Family Party )

    The island of Identity is a special district under the United States. All religions are protected by the United States constitution, he can not violate that. There will be no military on the island, only police are authorized by the federal government.
  3. If you think Identity is ambitious...


    There is an easy way to double your membership recruitment on this website.
  5. Town square

    This whole "fanboy" language, like those who support the developers, are fans of some sort. Why would anyone be on this forum, unless they were interested in the project? Please, act mature, as this game will probably have some age parameters on release.
  6. Town square

    Yes, and we will wait till November 20th. There is no more module development logistics left, just data pushing. Shouldn't be very long, and we will surely see it available before December. Unless there is an unforeseeable issue, such as their studio losing power in a freak of nature. So, let's just wait till December and hope nothing goes wrong. In the meantime, I suggest all of you find a character or career path in Identity, as "player" is not going to cut it.
  7. Police Employment System

    I thought the prison insider spoke of jailbreaks involving player guards?
  8. The Town Square is coming to Steam!

    No, the Steam review takes, on average, two weeks. Then it should be available immediately to play, as it would be by default, available to those who redeemed their Steam keys.
  9. Town square

    They already completed the build, now we are waiting two weeks for Steam to review it.
  10. The Town Square is coming to Steam!

    Let's just wait the two weeks, no need to defend them if they submitted it.
  11. Political Compass of Each Party

  12. Coalition Union against Strange People (CUSP)

    When you decide to target someone, it usually is a good idea not to target almost everyone.
  13. Will this be Arma Life and Dayz RP?

    Realistic weapons ratio, so no tanks or miniguns. No permadeaths as it would lead to perma-incarceration. The "rekking" issue will be solved by a complex stress system, which I am sure you'll find mentioned in several videos and posts. Welcome to the community.
  14. The Discord Repository

    The four days system won't last a week, so no worries.
  15. What will you RP in identity?

    You know whatever government is selected will be under the authority of the United States, right? It's like a special District, kinda like DC.