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  1. Beach Ball Has Left

    Wow you are very late on this.
  2. Apartments in Identity?

    If you buy one with irl money you will have an apartment day 1. Everyone in TS will have a studio apartment if they don’t own one to test out customizing them. In the full game if you have no home you will be able to stay at a hotel room until you get your own place.
  3. Apartments in Identity?

    You can buy apartments with in game money.
  4. RIP Mac Miller

    This is the “Hangout” for off topic posts so it dosent have to relate to identity.
  5. RIP Mac Miller

    Those were false accusations that’s why the charges were dropped. Do some more research!
  6. RIP Mac Miller

    What behavior?
  7. New Screenshots (UPDATED)

    The last bug has to do with apartment customization, this has been said many times. There is no estimate.
  8. Getting Keys!

    Okay peace out bro ✌🏼
  9. SpatialOS and Server structure information

    Was said on stream by devs. If you wanna see the clip check the twitch clips directory.
  10. Money

    In game money is very much a thing. Everything can be bought in game with money acquired via in game tasks. The apartments you can get in the store now will just have a different layout from the ones you can buy in game.
  11. SpatialOS and Server structure information

    TS won’t use spatialOS, but the full game will. And I believe beta is when they will start using it.
  12. Hi, i like this project.

    Got ‘em
  13. New Screenshots (UPDATED)

    Sure it has taken that long but it still means one task left 👍🏼
  14. New Screenshots (UPDATED)

    One task left for TS