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  1. 1 hour left guys (HYPE!!)

    Same here tbh just listening to some spotify till that clock hits 45 past
  2. 1 hour left guys (HYPE!!)

    @HairyGrenadecan you agree on this video if the graphics are this good or even better would be sick if the studio apartment looked something similar simple and beautiful like this because this is my perfect imagination of a studio apartment.
  3. Anybody into motorcycles? Post some pics!

    Thanks man yeah for sure Iam only moving to Texas in December / January time but Iam sure I’ll still be around by then
  4. Random Polls | Vol. 1

    I'am sure the 2nd of May is way past :\
  5. Anybody into motorcycles? Post some pics!

    Nice I'am a huge bike fan ! I currently own a CBR 600 2012 then I have been recently been gifted the BMW S1000RR 2015 from my dad as he wants to buy himself a cruiser and soon as we move to Texas at the end of this year ! I'm thinking of then buying myself a nice little Husqurvana 701 Supermoto and an Indian Scout to have in my arsenal as I'll be shipping the BMW 1000RR To the states to keep and selling my CBR 600. (That is me in the middle on the CBR 600)(To the right is the BMW that has been gifted to me) Just some more photos of my motorbike the day I bought it
  6. age limit for Identity??

    I personally feel like there needs to be an age limit don't want kids younger than 16 maybe running around and screaming and being annoying in general
  7. Farming?

    Will we be able to grow freely on these private and public plots whatever we feel like or will there be restrictions to what we will be able to grow on these "FARM LAND" Either Weed,Corn,Wheat or Tomatoes or will illegal plants be restricted or be impossible to grow these illegal plants, on public or/and private plots ?
  8. Map labels

    @LuckyDuckAny response or any form of answer for this one yet just super curios such as a drug dealer, cannabis seed seller, grow plots/public farms/private farm land we can buy any kind of marking on the map or only specific things such as a super market or a gun store etc...
  9. Bourne Car Rental

    I suddenly feel special and definitely will be looking forward to using this service in the new future and possibly will be looking for ways to contribute and assist in any ways possible and hope to be a great assets to the business and will help and suggest as many things as possible.
  10. You'd think that we'd see more gameplay

    I honestly can not wait for this game to release bad, moderate or good I have happily contributed and helped the game no matter the outcome I'am here all the way
  11. Bourne Car Rental

    Thanks for the delightful responds and information I'll be sure to invest or help you out in any sort or manner possible to assist you hope to meet you in Town Square
  12. THERES A NUMBER 2 ???????????? Think it is time for me to go and get in my onzie and to go and find the movie but yeah let me know about the PopCorn boy
  13. Bourne Car Rental

    What I mean is how will you be able to track and know the current location of all vehicles how do you know it just hasn't been rented with identity theft and currently standing in a super sketchy and edgy part of town being taken apart or has been stolen and the customer has no way of reporting the stolen vehicle in the next 24 hrs before then it should be gone ?
  14. Actually gonna re watch this movie tonight thanks a lot and TBH, this would be a great job opportunity for minimal wage or a movie theater security man or PopCorn boy who has a flash light and can throw the people out of the movie house ?
  15. I'am pretty sure the engine IdentityRPG is running the same one as Squad ? If so go and possibly look up the specifications of the game Squad since it is heavily graphical intense ? IDK just a suggestion/ Very rough idea.