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  1. Anthony “Des” O’Connor

    Apaches Motorcycle Club.
  2. Games keeping you occupied?

    It will run good on low-end computers. My last computer was GTX750ti and an i3 of all things, it ran great on ultra settings and I could even run a google browser open the whole time. As far as if it's good, imo I've had it for a while and didn't like it, but I just opened it one day and I can't stop playing. It's my go to game if I'm bored. Be ready to take a shit ton of grenades to the face and somewhat bullshit deaths, but it comes with the WW1 experience.
  3. Games keeping you occupied?

    FiveM, Verdun and I'm gonna restart Kingdom Come: Deliverance.
  4. My nephew (please read)

    Lmao I love the Sopranos video Genius! I am the first ever follower of tiny dog!

    Doing the same sense we last spoke. Been smoking a lot more weed though, hehehe.
  6. That moment...

    Not a vine, but from a great vine artist back in the day.
  7. Rate the communities!

    (Imo) Worst - CS:GO: Even though I've had a lot of great laughs and times with some friends I don't speak to today, now the majority is just amateur players and the updates make it sickening. Kinda good, but also kinda bad - Squad: I've had ALOT of amazing times on squad and met some amazing people who I still talk to today and hold close, without Squad I would've never met them, but I've also had shitty experiences with nooby players and people with sticks up their butts. Sadly, it is rare to find a good game with a legit squad experience now a days. Most boring - Post Scriptum: almost everybody has mics but never used them. Infantry is just an awkward experience. Still a fun game kinda.
  8. Apaches MC

    Sure, but I don't entirely know how it fits here. Could be my stupidity catching me again. If Identity were compared to GTA in the sense their is a universe, AFFA is an Apaches slogan where as Hell's Angels are not even a thing.
  9. Apaches MC

    Apaches forever, it's pretty simple to understand. Hell's Angels are not a thing in Identity and if they were we are not a support club.
  10. Apaches MC

    The forums are quite slow, Apaches are still here... AFFA.
  11. The Joe Pesci Poll

    I admire your love for Joe Pesci, I too share a love for his acting. I think his role in Goodfellas tops his performances in his other films. That being said his roles in his other hit films are not as serious as that as Tommy in Goodfellas. Screen time is limited in Casino and Raging Bull. Joe has only one line in A Bronx Tale, but it was very cool to see a cameo from a skilled actor in mob acting. A Bronx Tale is second after Goodfellas on my top ten movie list. On the contrary, who can hate Home Alone? Such a good movie to watch while it's snowing out.
  12. Looking for Gang

    Why have you made a post about your own gang yet you made one looking to join a gang?
  13. What will Roseport look like?

    I think this is Turtle Beach, taken from their twitter. Which is where Narc found the photo he linked me.
  14. What will Roseport look like?

    I remember this! Haven't seen this photo in a long time. Beautiful. Thanks brother.