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  1. Slaughter Gang **Recruiting**

    you convinced me to join!
  2. Tough choice Mafia Thread

    perks - none downfalls - unoriginal concept, can join the many other mafias.
  3. What guns do you want to see?

    tec9, uzi, ar15

    i dont think hacking is a mechanic in the game so gl.
  5. Los Zetas [OPEN]

    skimmed through this, you go in third person and out back into first person alot in this post not sure if you noticed
  6. drug dealer

    I can tell
  7. Apaches MC

    - BIO updated to final version. - Removed two inactive hangarounds.
  8. Highwaymen MC

    this MC is no longer active man
  9. Gang war [pt/br and en/us]

    that would be down to how you roleplay your gangs initiation, if you want to do that for your gang by making it a requirement before you join, you do that without a system forcing people to do it to get in.
  10. bad idea to release this month

    this game isnt releasing this month, the module will be releasing soon, not the full game, doesnt need to be competitive, only pledge backers can access it.
  11. What will Roseport look like?

    this is the only concept art we have received of roseport.
  12. Apaches MC

    what do you mean by the second sentence?
  13. Change My Mind

    im sure you can stand out on the street and tell people to change your mind, but i doubt there will be a prop stand just for this specific thing.

  15. Drugs R Us

    why have a codename for drugs called candy if you call yourselves ' Drugs R Us ' ? little confused.