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  1. bad idea to release this month

    this game isnt releasing this month, the module will be releasing soon, not the full game, doesnt need to be competitive, only pledge backers can access it.
  2. What will Roseport look like?

    this is the only concept art we have received of roseport.
  3. Apaches MC

    what do you mean by the second sentence?
  4. Change My Mind

    im sure you can stand out on the street and tell people to change your mind, but i doubt there will be a prop stand just for this specific thing.

  6. Drugs R Us

    why have a codename for drugs called candy if you call yourselves ' Drugs R Us ' ? little confused.
  7. All pledge vehicles are pledge vehicles only and wont be able to be purchased ingame from what i heard, basically same concept as the founder hat, only people who pledged get it.
  8. Jess from Ohio

  9. This discord is still active for anybody and anybody who is interested in motorcycle club culture.
  10. Apaches MC

    Updated: Watermarked Logo
  11. police aint got shit on us, we aren't a gang, just a motorcycle club who doesn't like other nobody's with massive ego's
  12. @Preston_bodhi_343 99%er bikers wont kill people for over little troublemaking shit, 1%ers probably will.
  13. Apaches MC

    Rebranding Completed.
  14. ?Pulse Websites?

    Sorry to burst ur idea like a bubble, did they confirm website making as a skillbased feature? or even website making in general?