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  1. Freebird Bail Bonds & Bounty Hunting

    Hello my fellow Irishman, I like the Idea. good luck with it!
  2. Sam's Introduction

    Welcome to the community, Sam.
  3. Ariana Grande Needs a Job

    I am aware, but who actually purchases and does not make a forum account?
  4. Ariana Grande Needs a Job

  5. Ariana Grande Needs a Job

    The fact that your account was made only 52 minutes ago, would lead me to believe that that is infact false.
  6. Better dead than red. (BDTR) (ANTI-COMMUNIST)

    Thank you, Vincent! We are growing fast, I guess it wasn't just me getting sick of the leftist propaganda being spewed onto the forums. Hope to see you in game also, stop by our bar for a drink on the house!
  7. Hello!!!!!!1

    Welcome to the community.
  8. Taking too long!

    You do know a little thing called sales exist? SO FAR they have made 1.2 million, that is going to town square, where else would it be going? They will obviously make more money when TS comes out...
  9. Taking too long!

    But GTA V is a triple A game, with crazy levels of detail. This is a town square with very limited features and things to do.
  10. Hello!

    Hello, @ZachLaVine, Welcome to the community.
  11. Hello from Chicago

    Hello, @Jesse1998. Welcome to the community!
  12. Hello from Canada

    Hello, @Bazzz_man. Welcome to the forum.
  13. Hello, @davidohgdf, we see that you are not an idiot and can open a history book and realize the terror and poverty communism brings to the workers that they "intend" to protect. this is why we invite you to join "better dead than red" an anti communist organization set up to protect the working class, law enforcement and business owners from the dangers of communism. please feel free to join our discord and we can talk further https://discord.gg/AY8AZNE