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    But the thing is everyone kept moaning because it kept getting delayed, now they've got it out and everyone is moaning because it's not working right. I'm sure people would of moaned if they had to wait an extra week before TS came out even if it was perfect, the devs can't win either way. I understand people have paid for this game & it not working, I understand that some people have been waiting around 4 years, but that's what you get when you back a game in Early Access, I mean the people who pedged on kickstarted or whatever (I didn't know about the game back then) they could of put their money into it & not got anything at all,I mean shouldn't we all just be happpy that it's a game & will come out at some point & we will all love it & it will be a hit? I brought a game in Early Access a while back, EmergeNYC & that isn't still playable for me, really bugged and the camera movement is a bag of something else, but I don't care because when it's out-out I will love it
  2. WtF where’s my game?

    They said on Discord/Twitter & Facebook last night that it won't be at midnight, it will be within office hours, that's 9-5 EST (2-10PM GMT) It's only just gone 9 for them, so could be a few hours yet
  3. The Town Square is coming to Steam!

    Don't quote me on this but that's all it says on the twitter & on discord. They won't even be awake yet I shouldn't think. This is all it say's on discord " Just to clarify, the Town Square will not release at midnight. We'll likely release it within office hours (9-5 EST) but unsure of an exact time right now. " For myself if it isn't out by 10pm the latest that's when I'll be a little pissed but until then Ima just wait
  4. The Town Square is coming to Steam!

    It does say in their Twitter that it will come out 9-5 EST. So for myself that will be around 2pm-10pm GMT, hope this helps!
  5. No way! Couldn't think of a better way to spend your Birthday! See you in game!
  6. Totally off topic, relationship topic, personal and venting

    My partner showed me this and he thought I would be the better one to reply to you. I am so sorry that you have and are going through all these terrible things. I was in an abusive relationship myself. I never thought back then i would be where I am now. That b*****d doesnt deserve you, no matter what he says and drills into your head. He is slapping you down because he knows you can do better then him. The main thing is don't let weak little fleas on ants win! Chin up sweet. You can always private message and I will reply. Don't feel alone! Take care.... Samantha
  7. Anyone Else Unable to Play Identity on Release?

    Oh dam! I feel for you man, I don't have nothing stopped me yet. Hope things work out for you and your sister though! But look at it this way, least it isn't the full game your missing out on!
  8. Police Roll Call...

    I really want to be a cop to be fair, but I don't if people aren't going to RP & ruin it. But if RP is on point then I will be a cop
  9. Thanks for the replies and the information! Yeah I’ve pledged at the 2nd one, did it a while back, just wasn’t sure if I wanted to upgrade yet haha. But thanks anyway! I’m sure I’m going to pledge more anyhow as this game is going to be right up my street and can see I’m going to be on it all the time anyhow Thank you you once again!
  10. Yeah to be fair, it’s just because I want a car, but I don’t want to wait if I’m going to be paying out my arse for a car when they are out 😂
  11. Right so I really want to upgrade my package now, but I'm not sure if I want too just yet as I won't be able to use the stuff like the car or that, so will/ or will you think of, when the full game comes out, can we have like a week to buy stuff like cars/bikes and that cheaper than none backers? I understand we are already getting a good deal now as the prices will go up when it's out, but do I buy a bigger package now or leave it and just pour my money into it when it's out? Need some help, unsure of what to do! Haha