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  1. The Nationalist Front

    The Nationalist Front Hail Victory, Strength & Honor! Faith • Family • Folk ↽↼⊕⇀⇁ What We Stand For: Our aims are simple. We are no political party. We do not wish to take seats in the presence of stinking businessmen who, as a side hobby, take position within the halls of corruption. We are not a group of nut-jobs who live in the 1930s and wish to see a return to the stale consumer capitalist state that we lived through in the previous century that is increasingly being warped in our lifetimes with the degeneracy of modern social-liberalism and the unchecked expanse of the militant Marxist tendency. Our Aims are simple. We are nationalists. We are men and women who wish to see our people preserved. We wish to assure that our people are not replaced and our national identity and our ethno-cultural history is not spat on by the leftist hoards. We stand as an army. United against the enemies to our people. We stand against both the so called "Anti-Capitalist/Anti-Fascist" left with their revolutionary nonsense regarding the distribution of all wealth. Yet simultaneously we stand against the selfish nature of the capitalist elite who, in their pursuit of personal fortune and cheap profit, have sought to undermine our national collective identity and what It means to be a true inhabitant of Abbot Island and of the United States as a whole. We stand as a vanguard for the interests of European descended Islanders and we will not back down to the violent threats of the left. We will not back down the corruption and theft of the right. We will stand for one thing and one thing only. Our people. And we will secure the existence and a homeland for our children. ↽↼⊕⇀⇁ JOIN THE BLACKSHIRT LEGION TODAY! FIGHT FOR YOUR PEOPLE! FIGHT FOR AMERICA! HAIL VICTORY! STRENGTH & HONOR COMRADES!