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  1. Private Eyez Investigation Services

    Very Interesting, I like it.
  2. Which is the best Smartphone ?

    I've had 3 IPhones in 5 years, they're shitter everytime. - Google Pixel 2 is the clear winner
  3. Supercar Saturday!

    Yeah 80-90% of the Identity's communities are on discord. I was asking cause I'm really interested in sponsoring/investing into SS.
  4. Supercar Saturday!

    Looks sick, I'd be really into this, you have Discord?
  5. Taking too long!

    Not gonna lie, his fans are kinda aids anyways.
  6. Taking too long!

    I imagine you saying that in a soft asmr voice lol, but yeah you can be right, just its been 3 1/2 years and nothing yet.
  7. Taking too long!

    Yeah, this game is literally the first game I put money into as of pledging in my life. I've been waiting since 2015 and been active since Late 2017, Early 2018, I'm fucking sick of waiting almost 3 1/2 of my life and not even a playable TOWN SQUARE. I'm on the Dev Team side, but I ain't gonna blindly shy away from what I think.
  8. Supercar Saturday!

    Oh baby, but we need to have different themes like classic muscle
  9. Hunting Trophies and more...

    Yes, since I can't be in Black Diamond and AMC, I'd need a Apaches MC cut under my BDTR Flag.
  10. Hunting Trophies and more...

    Yeah I know, I'd just really want all of this on or after full release
  11. Hunting Trophies and more...

    I don't know if it's a priority but since there will be hunting in the game, I would like to have hunting trophies for my collecting/trophy room. I would like to have a deer head on the wall with... I don't know a bear skin rug all that jazz. - Maybe even other trophies other than hunting. Chess Tournament, Paintball, Shooting, the list goes on - I would like a thing where we could put flags in our room(B.D.T.R. represent), and be able to put like cuts or jerseys in frames aswell to add onto it.
  12. Map Changes

    I think, I remember HairyGrenade saying the map that was showed in 2015 is severely outdated but they don't have a new set map and Paintball of course is confirmed.
  13. Hello form Norway! :D

    Wow someone that's waited this long and is still patient for the game.... that's new... Anyways welcome, Jankristiane.
  14. Better dead than red. (BDTR) (ANTI-COMMUNIST)

    Nice, I like it
  15. Apaches MC

    Good shit, new name is dope