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  1. Lucious Times - The Current Candidate Endorsed by CCU
  2. CCU | The Conservative Coalition Union

    It’s an honor and pleasure to receive your endorsement, I pray I represent well!
  3. About The Parties

  4. About The Parties

    You may have your own party.
  5. Good Times Community!
  6. One I would like to mention is @Drahgoone, The Royal Family Campaign Manager!
  7. 4 of the names have been released, however a few have not. All will be posted on the website once all is finalized!
  8. Royal Family Contribution Artworks: ^^^ By: @subway244 ^^^ By: @Dilsea

    New Good Times Community Discord:
  10. New Good Times Community Discord:
  11. Better dead than red. (BDTR) (ANTI-COMMUNIST)
  12. My views are both Conservative and Liberal, in real life I consider myself an Independent because I have views on both sides of the spectrum. However, to answer your question, IF I WASN’T A CANDIDATE OR PARTY FOUNDER I would grant my support to The Hamilton Party, Joel Keys and The CCU. I am always willing to work with others, that is a pillar of my character and why this topic has elevated to its current stature. Would I ever back out of the race? No, but I find it wise of the Identity community to have more collective support towards one individual or party, such as myself. I’ve always been a fan of DEMOCRATIC monarchy and looking at CCU...I like them to an extent!
  13. If enough people would be willing to be a part of it, I’ll draft up a synopsis of it.
  14. I have an idea, and it’s just an idea, but hear me out! A lot of individuals start groups, whether it be gangs, businesses, political parties, but all those groups are forced to have a single vision. No one really has their own “Identity”. What if we formed a neighborhood. A group of people that could be themselves and yet still be a part of something together. No jobs or anything, just a group of people that live life.