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    Doing great son!

    That’s great!
  3. Honestly, I’m happy something is released. Many felt they would see absolutely nothing from Identity, but something is released and I’m happy about it. Specifically though, it could be better, but I can’t expect too much from a first module.
  4. 😂, mainly how I was raised influences that.
  5. You do understand though that it will be a Democratic Government regardless of the government and that the only factor we have control over right now is sales tax and tax distribution?
  6. Very true, that’s why I have the story as part of the main most.
  7. Goog kingship is a blessing, outside of this game I may be speaking differently on my government leadership. However, the game is US Government based. The party name comes from the my story, I’m not sure if you read it or not. Just to further specify, it’s the Royal Family Party...I’m not claiming to be a Royal Family.
  8. 😂, I understand that the name may be misunderstood until my information is read. I’m sure that he fell in that boat of misunderstanding. No matter though, it is true it’ll (the Island) be under a US Government. Honestly, I’m happy that it is. After all, I am a proud Texan.
  9. Really looking forward to November 30th, I pray that the support shown for The Royal Family Party over the years continues.
  10. Economic Growth, Taxes and Budgets

    With the political aspects of the game not yet fully thought of, these are definitely great ideas!
  11. Lucious Times - The Current Candidate Endorsed by CCU
  12. About The Parties

  13. About The Parties

    You may have your own party.