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  1. FAQ Extended (Updated)

    Sorry, I should have been more clear I meant for the Town Square module as we are already past Easter weekend.
  2. FAQ Extended (Updated)

    Do we have another ETA on release or is it up in the air?
  3. FAQ Extended (Updated)

    I feel like they should either update the Town Square module progress bar to actual progress or just remove it entirely as it has essentially become pointless. I would rather it go down in percentage than keep it static like this because it would feel more realistic as an indicator. I knew I might be beating a dead horse here but I just want a better measure of what to expect in the future.
  4. The Network

    I am in full support of this but if this is to be the arrangement, I would assume we would be allowed to go with a different alias as I wouldn't like to be so easily tracked.
  5. The Royal Family

    This sounds interesting. We will speak further...
  6. What will you RP in identity?

    Solo mercenary willing to take any job from bodyguard to assassination.
  7. Driving

  8. Solo Mercenary for Hire!

    I'll be waiting
  9. Solo Mercenary for Hire!

    I will accept any mission in regards to personal protection, protection of assets, or eliminating any possible threats to the client as well as their valuables. My rate is entirely dependant on the profile of the client or the target and the difficulty of the assignment. I'll work for any client regardless of your position. I am a mercenary which means I am not owned by any organization nor a part of any group/gang. We'll be in touch...