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  1. How will starting a business work?

    Okay @LordBenjiI can definitely work with that! Now to figure out to maximize income and have all streams of income benefit each other some how Thank you for your speedy response! It has been awhile since Ive check the forums so Im just tryin to get updated
  2. Farming?

    Okay I gotcha, will definitely be looking into purchase a private plot then lol If anything maybe we could hire security to watch our plots if they are out in public! my gears turnin
  3. Farming?

    I dont even need farm land....just pots of soil and my business will be boomin baby!!
  4. looking for a graphics designer

    If your still in need of GFX you can shoot me a DM @Jmx10001
  5. How will starting a business work?

    So we will be able to own multiple businesses then? Because I would love to establish multiple streams of income.....
  6. The Town Square is coming to Steam!

    I can't even describe how stoked I am that the first module releases this month!! I already got my steam key and it is awaiting install!!! Ive been rocking with you guys from the jump and don't plan on going anywhere!!
  7. The High Society

    @Bravoo3x We are always on the look out for potential members to add to our organization. Send me a pm and we can discuss the details of what is required of the position. Looking forward to hearing from you! Makeshift
  8. The High Society

    It would be dope if we could have it be invite only or some kind of secret warehouse spot that you need a password for in order to get in.
  9. The High Society

    I would love to set up some lounges and a dispensary or two in hopes that Cannabis will be legalized. But if not then ultimately we can always establish some kind of underground lounge/club where cannabis use would be easily accessible! That is an awesome idea though I appreciate your imput!!
  10. Rate the signature and avatar of the person above you.

    Signature: 6/10 Avatar: 5/10
  11. Favorite small time youtubers / twitch streamers?

    @AUSTV DragonFly Todd is doin the damn thang!! Definitely working his way up, just passed 200 subs
  12. The High Society

    Hello Mikey, I appreciate your optimism as we are trying to be as professional as possible with the available means. I would like to personally extend to you an invite to join us in our endeavor! I know that you were looking more to start a group of your own but I sincerely believe you would be an asset to our organization. Please PM me with any questions or comments in regards to our Cannabis Enterprise. Thank you for your time, and I look forward to hearing from you!
  13. The High Society

    The High Society If anyone is interested in starting a Cannabis grow operation feel free to message my (Operations Manager)TRIIZ he handles all incoming applications and will submit them to the CEO for finalization. This is currently a rough copy so changes will be made as more updates come out. Goals- To start a network of marijuana production and distribution for the purpose of making some cash and building a reputation of a trustworthy business you can rely on. This after all, is not a "gang" but more of a enterprise, we do not classify our customers no matter of what career they've chosen(unless their cops). We distribute our products to all parts of the island, whether you be in a populated city or hidden in a dense forest. Our products will reach you and will satisfy your needs. I also hope to expand my network to include a money laundering operation to keep the heat off our organization(unless the sale and manufacture of Cannabis becomes legal, but we'll cross that bridge when it presents itself.) Recruitment- Prospective members must chip-in monthly for the Organizations equipment and potential upgrades and/or any legal trouble members may have. Provide information on other Cannabis grow operations in your local areas. Once the beta goes online I will layout our territory given pre-discussing with other Clubs/Organizations so we don't step on any toes. Members may not have a criminal record when they join. If a member does get themselves in trouble with the law, The leader will back the member with financial support and retribution is necessary. Method- Hopefully warehouse space or farm land will be available to buy, If not you'll have to use a network of apartments for production. Transfer that production to a central location for inventory then distribute. A network of apartments am willing to help you develop. *I should say the town square module will be the testing ground for network production through apartments. Warehouses may come later on but for major production as of right now, a network will need to be established. Members- Currently, we have no members, but as The High Society is a newly formed business, it is not surprising. Nevertheless, with future endeavors, our list will hopefully grow to safely provide you the finest products in the quickest time possible. Prohibited Actions- 1-Providing information to other business and/or individuals 2-Snitch to the authorities on the whereabouts of the cannabis farms 3-Stealing cannabis to your own use Structure CEO: Makeshift VP: ASSASSINWOLF3568 Marketing Manager: DaHzxrd Operations manager: TRIIZ Distributors: Open (3) Growers: Open (Unlimited Amount) Dealers: Open (Unlimited Amount) Application: Future RP Name: What Position are you applying for?: Steam Profile and Identity Profile link: Forums Rank/Identity pre-order package(founder, citizen, cabbie etc?: Will you be in attendance for modules?: Do you understand the requirements for admission into this Organization?: Why should we accept you?: What is your current reputation in-game and/or forums (1-10, 1=not so good, 10=fantastic!):
  14. Hey everyone!! Makeshift Here :)

    Absolutely, @Santaclus if the devs make it possible i would love to have every cannabis manufacturing option available. Ex; Dry Cannabis, Wax, Shatter, Edibles, Teas, botanical lotions Also another plan I would like to put in place would be to have someone blow "house made glass". I'm sure there will be many users that may like to start a collection of pieces/bongs/bowls/rigs whatever they desire. I figured if we are able to physically paint each individual line on a canvas we should be able to design and mold glass.(but then again this is just a hope of mine.)
  15. Hey everyone!! Makeshift Here :)

    We would be more than happy to accomodate you with any of your cannabis needs