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  1. Roleplay Thread

    Ryver joyfully laughs "you guys aren't exactly Houdini"
  2. Roleplay Thread

    Now dressed Ryver decides to head to the hospital, as she opens her apartment door Pams kitten dart past her. Startled a little her attention is drawn by the sound of someone on the fire escape. She goes to her window and gasps "Jason?" She raises an eyebrow. She grabs an old baseball hat and leaves her apartment, deciding to tag along behind, as the pair enter the liquor store she sighs.
  3. Roleplay Thread

    Ryver declines the offer and suggests cleaning herself up and heading to the hospital later when Jason has picked up a little. "I just found him at the bottom step, he lives in my building that's about all I know i'm afraid" She heads back over to Kevin, gives him the location of her car and the keys. "If you drive it back here later I'll take you back to your car, or vice versa-Sorry about this" Heading back inside the apartment she removes her clothes with finger tips, jumps in the shower and gives thought to Jason and promising to him in her head that when she is DA it won't happen.
  4. ikea

    the linchpin for me here is that even they know IKEA is Swedish but insisted on it being Russian.. and surely it's copyright anyway?
  5. Roleplay Thread

    Ryver hushed Jason. "Save your strength, the ambulance will be here soon" Within moments of that sentence being uttered, the ambulance pulled up and the paramedics charged in, everything happened so quickly, there were needles and airways, oxygen and blood pressure monitors, it was like a scene from a hospital drama but played out right in front of her eyes. In a haze she acknowledged one of the paramedics. "If you hadn't of been here miss, he would have had much less of a chance of surviving this-today you are a hero" he said. Watching Jasons limp body convulse and drain of life-she didn't feel much of a hero, she felt helpless. She saw her fathers lifeless body all over again, her eyes welled up. She had so much love for human life she punished herself to watch this through. Once the paramedics had stabilised Jason then began putting him on the stretcher. Ryver clasped his clammy palm "I'll be right behind you"
  6. ikea

    This whole post confuses me
  7. Roleplay Thread

    As Ryver waited for kevin to set off, she saw a reflection of something odd on the stairs of the apartment building. Squinting her eyes she exclaimed "OMG!" jumping out of the car and as best she could in such a fitted dress hastily make her way back into the apartment building. Crouching on the step next to Jason she hauled him as best she could over the edge to allow any vomit trail away she spoke in a level raised tone "Jason...Jason can you hear me? It's Ryver" She had been in this position many times before with her family, she called for an ambulance and sat close to him to keep him warm, she beared no mind to the vomit on her dress, texting her boss to tell him what was happening and that she would not be in work.. she thought about all the occasions she had text him due to charitable deeds she had gotten herself into.. she couldn't recall ever actually being ill as a reason to 'call in sick' She stroked Jasons head, talking to him all the time: "You'll be alright honey, the ambulance is coming" in her soothing southern accent.
  8. This OR That Game

    Hmmm.. I'm going to say impactful lyrics only for standing the test of time, people put lyrics on their skin, you can't hardly tattoo a lick, I mean you can scribe the sheet music but it doesn't provoke the same feeling as words. Poet or Prophet?
  9. This OR That Game

    Because I'm truly evil hahaha. Backyard Punk obvs by the time anyone is playing an arena they are too commercialised. best singer to have ever lived or best guiatariest " "
  10. Roleplay Thread

    As Kevin pulls up outside Ryver replaces her post in her mail box, her head up high she strides out of the double doors the morning sun hot on her skin. Her curls bounce as she steps down to his car. She gives a small wave of acknowledgement and walks round to the passenger side. She turns to Kevin "thanks for helping out!" buckling herself in her head dipped and close to Kevins her hair smells of cocoa butter. She takes a chopstick from her purse 'toffee Apple and cinnamon' and applies it.
  11. This OR That Game

    FAST-i like to imagine it shredding to the bone. nirvana or CKY
  12. This OR That Game

    Punk ??‍??? Funk or disco?
  13. Roleplay Thread

    Ryver lifted a brow-she wasn't convinced. But got the impression the girl had a lot more on her plate than addiction, and for now at least, had a roof over her head, so didn't wish to pry much further than that. As the girl walked past her Ryver followed her with her eyes. Taking a piece of junk mail from her own pile, and being the queen of stationery, took a pen from her handbag, scrawling "Catch up with you later" and shoving it into Pam's mailbox.
  14. This OR That Game

    Acoustic Blues or Metal
  15. Dames, Ladies and Femme's..Oh my!

    Ladies night... seriously, do I look 40!