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  1. What is happening in 1 Weak?

    23rd april - town square, dude are you fine?
  2. Headphones

    i mean, as before, if you do not want to hear others, you just put on earplugs (headphones) and enjoy life
  3. Headphones

    As in arma 3, we had to use ear plugs to muffle the loud transport next to us, so I would like to have headphones as a silencer of sounds around, and not just as an accessory.
  4. Anybody play ATS and/or ETS?

    I want to be the truck driver in Identity rpg)
  5. Anybody play ATS and/or ETS?

  6. i'm playing arma 3 life, This is the best that is now in our time
  7. If everything will be as I hope, then the car (even the worst) will be many times better, on a motorcycle you can not even bring the products from the store to the house, You can not put the corpse in the trunk !!!! (oh, I did not want to It's written), I believe that the car is better by 100%, only if you are not a very brave driver who earns riding a motorcycle, if not, take the car)
  8. Let Identity learn from APB?

    APB suck
  9. How much did you pledge?

    Probably he really loves and is waiting for this game
  10. New Screenshots (UPDATED)

    They have already said many times that this will be roughly the same as for ARK or arma 3
  11. To the Devs

    It's not a good idea to take the animals out into the streets, as some monsters (people) can kill them and I will end up very, very long (and possibly end my life with suicide).
  12. New Screenshots (UPDATED)

    I feel only sadness, every time they do not talk about the TS output
  13. I've heard that popular rudders will be supported (such as for example - trustmaster, or mb logitech)
  14. Create a business

    1-I thought it was a fake, lol 2-I need more customization and engine tuning, suspension and other things for racing, I hope to the release of the 3rd module they will do something better than this