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  1. My opinion on the town square

    You were able to connect the electrical plugs? Do you gotta press anything, because I put the lamp real close to the outlet, moved it around, rotated it and everything and nothing happened or appeared. And I tried to put a bunch of different items on various placed tables and stands; plates, mugs, ashtrays, ect, they didnt seem to work for me.
  2. I was wondering about that as well.
  3. As someone who was waiting on the townsquare since the beginning, I would like to offer a fair and unbiased opinion. Now best in mind this is not an attack on the devs or anyone else, just a mention of issues ect that I think should be addressed. First I will start with what I like. -Textures are fantastic, and overall graphics (particularly the apartments and furniture) are high quality. -Lag issues for me seem to have been fixed the last two days. -Kareoke is cool and the sound amplification sounds great. -Clothing options are pretty decent considering it's just launch and they will add more down the road. -Emote animations for the most part look good. -Facial feature customization is pretty good, characters faces look quite different from each other. -Clothing models are detailed and look good. -I like the smoking in the game, and how the cigarette stays in your mouth and has smoke. -Music choices in the town square are good imo. -Big space and reasonable player count. Negatives and bugs: -I cannot out certain prop furniture such as clocks on the wall. -I cannot put decorative items on top of things such as tables, It only lets me put them on existing counters and the floor. -It seems like the electrical plug system is not working because I do not have any option to plug in my lamp or tv even though it says I need to connect it to an outlet. I tried putting a lamp right next to the outlet and rotated it, so distance isn't the issue. -The voice communication is not very functional, players cannot seem to hear each other all the time. -My 150 dollar pledge 1 bedroom apartment is not available. (I read somewhere that correct pledge apartments are being worked on.) -The food system is busted, you can order food but it doesn't let you consume it. Not even in the restaurant where it goes on the table. -I can't seem to activate the painting even though I set up my canvas and easle in my apartment. -My character that I spent customizing and getting items for doesn't let me load in, I have to make a new secondary character in order to load into a server. Complaints/wishes -Many businesses and features that I expected to be in the town square are not yet available. (Barber, books, ect.) The lack of hair options makes the barber situation tougher. -There doesn't seem to be any radios to put in your apartment, or ability to sit down on chairs in my apartment. I wish these were implemented so that I can atleast rp a little more in my apartment with other players. There's other issues, but I won't mention them because I know the dev team is small and I'll cut them some slack there. I've been supporting this project for a long time and I will continue to. Right now the town square isn't really all that playable, and a bit boring. (And I'm the type of guy who's into passive RP and just enjoying minor details.) However, I hope that this game continues to evolve and eventually become what it promises to be, and I will continue to stick with it. It has alot of potential.
  4. Luprano Family

    We are still very active, we have been playing on several different games, but will be looking forward to the town square on November 30th. Hope to see some new faces around.
  5. Luprano Family Heirarchy

    Looking forward to November 30th!
  6. Luprano Family

    Still here waiting for identity. We have over 160 members in our family now. We are playing on other rp based games while we wait for identity.
  7. Luprano Family Heirarchy

    A new family heirarchy made by one of our members, Vittorio Graziano.
  8. Luprano Family

    Hey look it's the moron who comes on the forums every 6 months to bother us. Still a nobody I see. How's the neighborhood going? Wait, your lack of activity and dedication led to it collapsing? That's too bad. Get a life and stop obsessing over my family and I. Get a hold of yourself and get over it.
  9. Luprano Family

    Alright, settle down there robo cop, save it for the game.
  10. Angelo crime family

    Do some research before you start calling people garbage, big mouth, otherwise your gonna get squashed you stunad. Atleast take the time to make a proper post about your "family".
  11. Luprano Family

    The Luprano Family is currently awaiting the town square module and conducting mafia RP on other games for practice. For realistic mafia roleplay, and only the most professional criminals, come and associate yourself with the Luprano family. Perhaps you have the skill and loyalty to eventually become a made man.
  12. Luprano Family trailer

    Excellent trailer made by Stephano Rizzoli! Grazie amico.
  13. Luprano Family

    Benvenuto fratello.
  14. Luprano Family

    The Luprano family is still active, and awaiting the town square module, currently engaging in other RP games while we wait.
  15. Luprano Family

    Benvenuti amici. Welcome gentlemen.