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  1. Luprano Family

    Still here waiting for identity. We have over 160 members in our family now. We are playing on other rp based games while we wait for identity.
  2. Luprano Family Heirarchy

    A new family heirarchy made by one of our members, Vittorio Graziano.
  3. Luprano Family

    Hey look it's the moron who comes on the forums every 6 months to bother us. Still a nobody I see. How's the neighborhood going? Wait, your lack of activity and dedication led to it collapsing? That's too bad. Get a life and stop obsessing over my family and I. Get a hold of yourself and get over it.
  4. Luprano Family

    Alright, settle down there robo cop, save it for the game.
  5. Angelo crime family

    Do some research before you start calling people garbage, big mouth, otherwise your gonna get squashed you stunad. Atleast take the time to make a proper post about your "family".
  6. Luprano Family

    The Luprano Family is currently awaiting the town square module and conducting mafia RP on other games for practice. For realistic mafia roleplay, and only the most professional criminals, come and associate yourself with the Luprano family. Perhaps you have the skill and loyalty to eventually become a made man.
  7. Luprano Family trailer

    Excellent trailer made by Stephano Rizzoli! Grazie amico.
  8. Luprano Family

    Benvenuto fratello.
  9. Luprano Family

    The Luprano family is still active, and awaiting the town square module, currently engaging in other RP games while we wait.
  10. Luprano Family

    Benvenuti amici. Welcome gentlemen.
  11. Paulie Napolitano Updated Character Profile

    Grazie mille Paulie, welcome back! Great work.
  12. Luprano Family

    It's great to have you back in the family Paulie. Benvenuto fratello.
  13. Luprano Family

    *Street Boss position created and capo position updated.*
  14. Luprano Family

    Welcome fratelli.
  15. Luprano Family

    That is because that is what they are instructed to do. If you were in our discord you could see that we are active there everyday. Dozens of my men are discussing upcoming business on there everyday. If you are implying we are inactive or fake accounts, I would like to offer you the opportunity to meet us all in the first module before you make rude and unwarranted comments. If you have further questions about any recruitment patterns that intrigue you, PM me or Luca Rossio (Omerta.)