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  1. Fake Drivers Licence

    Not scanning that would be kinda op maybe a spot the difference game and the better and more expensive the ID the harder it would be to spot.
  2. Fake Drivers Licence

    What do you think would make this work well and what do you think should be used to spot them.
  3. Fake Drivers Licence

    Just a thought but would this not be an interesting Item you get one and it changes your name in the game while active so people can't find you as easy and think you just look like someone else. Also make and sell them to other players.
  4. Gangs

    Most games will have admins on hand. This will be a beta and they will be needed to see over every problem and glitch.
  5. Gangs

    The makers of the game will want to make the masses happy not the few trolls who want RDM all the time everywhere.
  6. Gangs

    I am just making a guess based on it's something most people don't want and this game is being made by a company would wants people to buy the game. There might be RDM servers though.
  7. Gangs

    99.9% persent of the players don't want people going on random shooting sprees and just being giants pains in are collective ass so bans are likely for it. Frankly i am fine if i die for a valid rp reason. Hell i would ever be okay with a serial killer going around if they where careful and adding some mystery to the game but hell no to some troll coming up and murdering for no reason at all. just adding this in after the fact if a guy played as a pizza delivery driver for a year or longer rp having mental health problems and a violent tendency or two. Being killed by him would piss me off less but still a lot since there is effort and build up in it.
  8. Gangs

    That is kinda of a impossible task for the admins man. Some will just take money and say they where trying to impress a gang and show them they are willing to kil. Which would be idiotic but still valid in rp. Some will just make up reasons later and if people email or skype friend they could get them to say. It was planned as a test in voice latter on. Not to mention the admins will have no choice but to piss someone off each kill. Since they are going to get in the way of the robbers rp or the player who feels wronged for being killed regardless of the rp.
  9. Money Value

    Thank you all for helping make this so clear i feel i have a much better grasp on what might be going on with the money in the game.
  10. Gangs

    Killing for no reason being a ban i do not doubt that at all. But depending if they are in a non safe area the reason does not have to be that great try running from a mugger good chance of death if the player is a addict or something. Someone puts a price on your head because your a business rival that is another reason. You might just get killed if you know the wrong person and someone wants to send them a message. You have to remember a the reasons someone may kill you may seem stupid to you in rp. But may be a part that makes their own character unique to them in rp. So the best idea is to stay in the safe zones if you don't want those type of people. Kinda like i don't walk around the bad areas of my city at night wearing my good suit and favorite watch. I enjoy having those things and now being stabbed and or shot.
  11. Robbing a Bank

    Yes your right lesser servers will spread where the entire system of player choice is undone by what mods want to do since they will have final say since they are paying for it and i will never understand why people want that. . It seems like we always find a group of small minded people like you on every game people who want to dictate their own proper way to play the game and preach on a soap box and that's why you can go hide in your little box. As for me i will be playing with the people that can handle real rp with the long and deep stories. Where players can handle that someone playing as a criminal may have a disregard for human life and that actions can and will be taken in it that they may not like. The kind of rp that mirrors the fact life is not fare your choices do not matter. Because stuff happens and their are epic story lies with real outcome. I get your are used to the type of rp call the mods if you don't like anything and take a hour long talk to decide what happens ahead of time controlled rp and that fine there is room for both. So yeah i will be on the real servers and you can hide in your box with the other people who don't play real rp games.
  12. Robbing a Bank

    First off i am not picking on you i just happen to have much better informed view points on the subjects then you and am capable of showing my view point in a understandable way. You on the other hand are acting like a child you come onto the a place to discuss possibility's and view points and get angry when people don't agree with you. You have accused me of trolling for asking me to clarify what your statement meant and are now trying to play the victim card because you can't think of a single reasonable argument to defend your points of view.
  13. Robbing a Bank

    Yes i am a troll which is why i am showing you every reason you are wrong using logic and facts like how the devs have said there will not be any corrupt cops and then showing you why police not acting like police would have in game solutions through the politic systems. Since no one would like the cops being idiots. would be punished since it would be a easy way to gain votes. You on the other hand are clearly not trolling by saying stuff not quoting and making sure there in no context in your post at ll Makes no sense at all without context are you talking about the post from the devs that list outstanding crimes will be listed under known criminals because i think that is what masks are for. Any it is funny you mention that at all since the post about a system that auto knows murders. Has only been in reference to someone murdering someone and wanting join the police sometime after that. At least as far as i have seen but i fully admit to not reading every tweet and dev post
  14. Money Value

    You do know if you are working on sped up time in game then that is the same thing as paying someone more for a job. Since a player is getting more money for the total real effort they have to put in to get it.
  15. Robbing a Bank

    Yes what was this post in reference too the whitelist system or the thing i was saying with goals being listed.