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  1. UFC and organizations

    I don't know about mixed martial arts in identity as they already plan to have other crazy systems in the game but I would definitely be interested in starting an organization even if it is just boxing or something of the sort. Could be pretty profitable too.
  2. La Cosa Nostra

    And our website has been updated, go ahead and check it out!
  3. La Cosa Nostra

    As of now all of our management positions are full but we still need plenty of people to fill those soldier positions in so I can give my capos their crews!!!
  4. La Cosa Nostra

    Sorry but I dont as of now I am a one man team in terms of managing the family and am preparing for college here soon.
  5. La Cosa Nostra

    *Update* We only have two more capo positions available anyone who joins after those positions are filled will only be soldiers so get the easy positions while they last
  6. La Cosa Nostra

    We now have a consigliere! We will be updating the website soon! Let's keep the recruits coming, BL
  7. La Cosa Nostra

    We have now made connections with a gun supplier, security provider, and connections to inside the government itself. Join us and reap the rewards! BL
  8. La Cosa Nostra

    La Cosa Nostra now has its own website, find it here: We still have plenty of positions available so if you are interested get in contact with me. BL
  9. La Cosa Nostra

    Hello Andrew811, what separates us from the other crime families is our strict rules against drugs for one. Most of the families on here say nothing about drugs and are willing to bring in that heat but we don't. We are also new, this is why we don't have many members so as we grow there will be more organization and better opportunities will become available. With that said, we don't need 100+ members I mean if you think about it these criminal families must have a lot going on for anyone to be given a job and with a family that large it is impossible to keep everyone happy and impossible to keep tabs on everyone and it is impossible to get to know everybody. As I said we will be a tight-knit group and it will make it more lucrative and more enjoyable for the people here in La Cosa Nostra.
  10. La Cosa Nostra

    Welcome to La Cosa Nostra, or this thing of ours, we are a criminal corporation which will expand across the land. We will grow together as some of the closest and most lucrative families out there. Join us and I promise you one thing, you will make more money than you know what to do with. Oath -Don't get in the way of making money. -Don't say anything to the police or anyone outside the family. -Don't touch the drug business. -Keep a low profile -Respect your superiors Now let me elaborate on this. If you try to whack someone who is making us good money or screw with them then we may have you whacked as well. If you get caught by the police you never say a word to them, if you do then you won't wake up the next day that includes no talking about business in front of outsiders. Also, no drugs. The drug business brings too much heat and is too risky just don't get involved. We are not a bunch of thugs, don't sit around and throw up "gang signs" keep a low profile and keep your life. Finally, if you are given an order you will follow it to the letter, I don't care if you are ordered to kill a close friend or relative, follow orders and respect superiors. Well, with that out of the way now I can move on to what the jobs will be Personal Bodyguard: You are the only person who will actually see me in person and you must protect me at all costs. Others will hear from me over the phone or text so that it is less likely for me to get caught and so I can keep La Cosa Nostra on its feet, unless I decide it is necessary for us to meet. Anyway, this person may be ordered to kill the underboss if I feel that he is attempting a hostile takeover. Acting Boss: You will act as my face. and take care of the day-to-day in the field. However, if you hold this position don't let the power get to your head and think you run the show. Consigliere: You are not an official part of the family, however, you supply us with connections and money and act as a sort of bank and adviser. In order to apply for this job you must have a decent amount of money and you must have many outside connections through businesses or government. It would also be recommended if you had plenty of ideas for us as well. Underboss: You will manage over capos and make sure that they are all collecting money. If they aren't we will have some enforcers deal with them. Capo: Capos will be given their own little territory to hold as well as a few rackets in that territory. You will also have access to soldiers within your own crew. You can do whatever you want with your crew and your territory as long as you withhold our oath. Soldiers: These are the floor workers of the family and do most of the dirty work. These are the enforcers, the hitmen, the gun-runners, and so on. These guys get the jobs done and are the foundation for this thing of ours. This is where most will start at and are not made members yet. The Insiders: These are the people we can count on to help us in a jam. These guys are not made members but are protected because they help us out in return. (Police officers, doctors, politicians, businessmen, and more are welcome) Message me directly if you are interested! Don't want the police to see who we have now do we
  11. Im sorry i should have been more specific as i have been researching this game since the overview video was released. will these criminal organizations be on a large scale and can you take over and control "turf" and such; what i mean to say is how complex will this path be or is it limited to drug dealing, robberies, etc.
  12. The title says it all, can we create large criminal organizations.