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  1. NEW NEW RP Thread #3

    Love it, keep it up
  2. NEW NEW RP Thread #3

    Sunday May 14, 2017 Turtle beach, 12 Porto trail 3:45pm The front porch of an older looking cottage creeks open, Rocco walks slowly out from the front door. He strikes back the bottom of the robe he is wearing *there is his initials stitched on the back of the white robe, in gold it says "R.D"* he lets his hairy legs catch a breeze as he makes his way to the front dock of his cottage. Before crossing the dirt road to the dock he noticed that the mail box is slightly crooked. Rocco: "FUCK, some stronzo must have not seen the box and struck it, ahhh I don't got time to fix this shit any more". Rocco, finally he crosses the street to reach the end of the dock. He pulls out a pack of cigarettes, a special kind from Italy, imported. He strikes a king sized match, he hovers the match slightly under the cigarette. He takes a long inhale and than a long exhale. He than slowly sits on the dock, eases back on the old caffe style chair he has on the dock. Rocco takes in a scan of the area. Unaware of the fake bush 500m west from his cottage where the sun was going down, a long black barrel peaks slightly out of it. A slim familiar face hid behind the glare of the scope. The youthful hand pulls back the bolt of his custom made L87, he plants the clip of of specialized ammo in the rifle. The mysterious figure than pushes in the bolt to load one round. His finger lays easy on the trigger. One deep breath. He stops. As he sees a young lady come out the front of the cottage, he scans her, than he focus is back on Rocco. Cathrine her name was, a "friend" of Rocco's, she made her way to the dock and was gently rubbing Rocco's shoulders as he took his last puff from a cigarette. All this was being carfuly observed by the hidden killer in the bushes. And with one slight squeeze of the trigger a bullet cracks out the barrel tunneling into Rocco's upper left shoulder. Unknown killer: *makes a call from a untraceable cell phone* " it is done" said in an Italian American accent. The mysterious figure chucks the phone into a muddy puddle, while he swiftly runs away. Heavy rain starts to kick in as the sun is still out, the sound of birds hustle in the sky. As it appears Rocco lays motionless almost breathless on dock spralled out with his arms and legs wide open as blood pours out of the large wound that just missed his heart. Cathrine stumbled upon her knees in panic and shock starts to slowly weep. She gets up and bolts inside for the phone to call for an ambulance and frank Luprano. Rocco: *thinking to himself* could this be it, the end, I can't even tell where the bullet hit me, all I know it that I don't have much time to get to a hospital, if it's my time where I go.. I go, and that's that. The cold rain,I feel it. It feels numbing every time a drop hits my wound. The sharp pain finally hit me as I hear an amubulnace coming from.. far away. Sound and light is starting to fade away... this is it isn't it. A call comes through to frank Lupranos private quarters. Frank: picks up the phone. In shock and rage he hops in his old style Cadillac and speeds on over to Porto trail..
  3. Luprano Family

    I like the new hierarchy frank!
  4. Luprano Family: Current Hierarchy

    I really like the way this looks frank good job with it
  5. NEW NEW RP Thread #3

    Rocco: Ok let's get outta here. frank and rocco both get into a new car that the family mechanic had given to them (brand new black Audi A7). They rapidly sped off to the compound.
  6. NEW NEW RP Thread #3

    Possibly a psychopath, know anyone else that might want us dead?
  7. NEW NEW RP Thread #3

    Ya like a biker. Holy shit frank you think it was that fucking gang?
  8. NEW NEW RP Thread #3

    Rocco: I think he had long black hair kinda curly, and a pair of glasses but he was light skin
  9. NEW NEW RP Thread #3

    Hmmm I don't think I need anything at the moment thank you jerry
  10. NEW NEW RP Thread #3

    Hmmm I don't think I need anything at the moment thank you jerry
  11. NEW NEW RP Thread #3

    Rocco and frank head into an old Cadillac, all black, rocco drives. Rocco looks in the rear view mirror. rocco: JESUS, it's the that fucken Oldsmobile, the same one that's been following me around. the Oldsmobile kicks up gear and glides along side the Cadillac, two bullets spring out one after the other out the side window blowing a big hole into the glass out the top of the Cadillac. rocco: frank duck down, duck! rocco speeds up out pacing the Cadillac slightly. *frank pulls out an all black m1911 and blasts the whole mag out the back left window as he keeps ducking for cover. Two bullets hit the front right wheel of the Oldsmobile and the rest hit the driver who could not be identified. The Oldsmobile slashes and sweeps out of control into the front of a cafe. rocco: what the fuck was that all about! Mother fuckers nearly took my head off. frank: Jesus, get to the warhorse as fast as you can we need to call Carmelo.
  12. NEW NEW RP Thread #3

    Rocco:Madone! This could be serious boss we need info on who sent that letter, not unless it was some dumb punk kid trying to pull a spook on us but non the less better safe than sorry. I'll try to find out who the fuvk sent it *rocco looks at the letter burning in the ash tray* oh never mind than I guess they aren't a threat anymore *rocco chuckles* I'm going to go grab some bottles of wine from the store wanna come frank?
  13. NEW NEW RP Thread #3

    Rocco: we can send Carmelo and Antonio up there have them seek around up north, see if they bring back any news? Rocco pulls out an envelope he got in the mail box regarding something about frank. Rocco: an unknown address, don't know who, here * he hands it to frank* take a look rocco says.
  14. NEW NEW RP Thread #3

    Rocco: good that means more in our pockets *as he clears some of the smoke from his face* he gets up and goes to take a beer (Stella Artois) out of the fridge. So when are we gonna finish our "buisness"with those bikers.
  15. NEW NEW RP Thread #3

    Who's our connection, rocco asks curiously. Do we now the guy ,is he in this thing of ours?