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  1. Luprano Family

    @Honeybadger Here's a comment from somebody who has been on the forum longer than you and has more posts, happy? From what you have been saying it really shows that you are not any better than those you try to pin your accusations on, You try to cover up your little rant on this family by trying to make it look like you don't actually care. "Nah, just promoting my book, friend. " "Honeybadger - Don't worry about him, he doesn't give a sh.." If you really didn't care then you wouldn't have wasted your time typing a whole story on why "The Luprano Family is bad" in the comment section whining about the past mistakes that happened almost a year ago like a shitty child. The truth is that you have a certain unnecessary hatred for the Family because you can't let things go. So you see the family's growing success and you boil in your little brain and type away a slanderous story to try to knock the family off it's feet, Well that won't and will never happen at this rate, so get over it. If you don't like the family then fine go ahead with your own shit and don't spew eyesores all over the forum and blow things out of proportion. Get over yourself. "You 'literally' have gotten more retarded than I could have ever imagined over the last year." ~ Honeybadger That's funny most of what i read in your little story is that the Family was acting like immature and threw unnecessary insults at people, Kinda hypocritical. Guess you're not as credible as you seem. Not only did you make a sad attempt at defending yourself but you also deleted the comment, whats the matter? Embarrassed?
  2. The Coronado Crew

    The Coronado Crew The Coronado Crew is a Crew in the Luprano Family, Consisting of The Caporegime Salvatore "Sal" Coronado and many of his trusted men. The Coronado Crew's Main focuses are Extortion, Robbery and Narcotics. The City the crew will be running their operations in will be Roseport. The Coronado Crew's main focuses are bringing in money for the family and enforcing respect from other organizations and companies. Salvatore "Sal" Coronado The Caporegime of the Coronado Crew in the Luprano Family. Very loyal, Ambitious and Aggressive, Salvatore was brought up in Italy and moved to america when he was 16 years old. When Salvatore moved to america he moved in with a cousin of his named Antonio DeSimone. Antonio was known to have strong ties with the mafia and he introduced Salvatore to the life. Salvatore quickly became infamous and gained respect in the underground community. He was known to never hesitate when he had to "deal" with people and was known to be very resourceful. Antonio DeSimone The Coronado Crew's "Adviser". Antonio DeSimone being Salvatore's Cousin has very similar attributes. Although not very aggressive he is very ambitious and helps the Coronado Crew stay on the right path. Being heavily affiliated with the mob since he was 17 he knows his way around the underground community. Having contacts in high places he can help extract information and keep the heat off of the crew's rackets. Tony Accardo The "Enforcer" of the Coronado Crew. Tony Accardo has always been a good friend to Salvatore Coronado. Since Sicily Both Salvatore and Tony were up to mischief such as robbing people on the streets and pick pocketing. Tony and Salvatore were introduced to the life around the same time. Salvatore was aggressive but Tony would usually cross the line. You say the wrong thing around him and you could be found later in the river with bricks tied to your feet. Tony is very loyal and has no remorse for his actions. Michael Santora Michael Santora was raised in the streets of new york, from a very young age he worked with the drug business, He knows how to distribute very well and has a gift with making the products. Abrahmo Bianchi Abrahmo Bianchi is a man of a few words, when he does speak his words are usually "Give me the fucking money". Abrahmo is a guy that won't back out of anything even if the odds are against him. He is very smart and useful when it comes to the robbery side of our crew. Nero Vanetti The Crew's Hitman. If the crew needs anybody taken out then this is the guy to go to. Being an expert with many weapons and having a large amount of street smarts helps Nero find his targets and wipe them out before the problems gets any worse. Bruzetti Bruzetti would be another enforcer for the group, Making sure our enemies dont get too close to our operations and helping mainly with the Extortion side of the crew. Territory: Roseport Rackets: 1. Extortion 2. Robbery 3. Narcotics 4. Kidnapping 5. Gambling
  3. Luprano Family

    I, Salvatore "Sal" Coronado, Pledge my loyalty to the Luprano Family.
  4. Anonymous

    It looks much better now.
  5. Anonymous

    People pay to help development and get some rewards in return, this organization wants to wipe out those awards from people who got them with their support.
  6. The Nameless Mafia

    You should probably be more informative about your organization so people will know if they want to join or not.
  7. Langston Family / Dark Ace Mafia

    It all looks good Kevin, but i wouldn't have people pay for ranks. It defeats the purpose of respect and trust.
  8. A Challenge

    This is some cicada 3301 shit
  9. Anonymous

    I'm going to be honest, the concept of this is stupid as hell.
  10. Toxstyx Gmod Mafia RP

    I recently found this server on Garry's Mod that is a serious Mafia RP server. I joined for a bit and it is pretty fun if you guys want to check it out and add to the playerbase. Right now the server is a bit new and in a month or two there will be a new huge map and added systems. This is just something to hold people off until identity comes out and it's worth to check out. This is the IP:
  11. The Rebel Department [Recruiting]

    I'm pretty sure you cannot use the forum for evidence to go after a criminal, that would be called Meta-Gaming and i'm pretty sure there will be rules set on the game for things like this.
  12. Jokerz

    This organization is very different, of course you will not be taken as serious as the "Bland" italian families like mine but it still is kinda cool to see some new things come into the picture. Just don't let the group get out of hand, I can see a lot of trolls joining to mess with people.
  13. Corleone Family

    Will your organization be on U.S servers?
  14. Wolf Corporation

    I think this should be moved to hideouts... Also, you may want to say more about your org and what it can offer.
  15. yea im getting a new motherboard, ram and the i7. I am going for a big cpu because i'm getting a 1080 gtx aswell. Nobody needs a huge pc but it's nice to have.