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  1. What Will You Guys be Doing in Town Square

    I'm gonna be organizing a big house party, with loads of alcohol and drugs
  2. If identity releases within 3 weeks i won't be able to play it at release
  3. New Town Square Gameplay

    Then show it if its possible!
  4. Hello, Identity I would like to suggest something. Could you please update the pictures at the Town Square page. Because these pictures don't show of Identity in its current state. I did understand that you guys are creating a new website but these updates can be done within have an hour.
  5. What is this shit

  6. What is this shit

    Monkas A game as detailed as Identity takes a lot of time and work to produce. We expect the first module, Town Square, to be available in early 2017. There will be three modules of Identity released before the full game is available. Please get your shit together identity
  7. Hi Hoy !

    Welcome my friend. Greetings From The Netherlands