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  1. I'd be down to be a store manager or something
  2. List of Confirmed Businesses

    Computer Repair shop, I might want to run this in-game.
  3. [ Mob-Mechanix ] - Information and Applications

    Wow, now that I understand I am very interested into what you have to offer, I will be sure to apply. very clever.
  4. Resumé/Applications for Businesses

    I mean, please only one resumé. Please. You can reply and post if you want.
  5. Hello, this is a place for people to submit their resumés, businesses and companies can also stop by to look for somebody to employ that they might be interested in. - Please no spam, and post one resumé, edit the original if change is required. - I would suggest to add information about what kind of work interests you, and what you wouldn't like to do, just for the employer. Also make sure to let them know how to contact you, if you wish to be contacted. - Future Updates: By the end of the next few months expect a dedicated website for this resumé directory, that future workers/ employees can send their resumé in and get it professionally presented to businesses/ companies. Expect this website to be running in a couple months. Good luck, ~ Jaxen Coa.
  6. I can pledge the highest amount right now, but I think I'll stick with the beta access one, once I get my PC built! I will probably post weekly videos on YouTube, when I get my hands on this.
  7. In-Depth Personal Hygene

    This would be a very cool, little thing to add. Yes and it would really be a cool thing for the cops to watch for lol.
  8. In-Depth Personal Hygene

    You don't need a hygiene bar, you can look in the mirror and tell yourself if you look dirty or just have a shower. If it is a need it doesn't necessarily need a bar telling you how "dirty/hungry/thirsty etc" you are. (I hope you understand what I'm trying to say)
  9. How in depth will the body mechanics be? Like is body temp planned, what about thirst and hunger? Bleeding out after a wound would also be a cool mechanic. Let me know! (I don't know if this was already answered my search function doesn't work.)
  10. Hello from Canada!

    Hello, my name is Jaxen Coe, and I live in Canada, I'm extremely excited for this game and I am planning to buy the Founder's pack (the Canadian dollar is garbage rn). My in-game name and information is yet to be determined, I have ideas but they are all sort of like my IRL name. I got inspiration to make an account and decide to save up for the Founder's pack from a YouTuber named TheDevilDogGamer (Check him out), and I always wanted to make my own game like this. DevilDog does alot of Gmod SantosRP and he did some Altis Life too I believe. Currently I'm building my PC and when this game comes out I plan to put many hours in it. Check out my Thread in the Job Bank if you are interested about learning of my Company Unit 6, this will probably be my main focus on the game, even though I'm not sure if I am going to go through with the Company in the release and I might settle for a different job or occupation. If everything goes well and my PC is finished I might open up a YouTube channel and record many scenarios in this game, I am truly excited. Thanks for reading, and much love from Canada eh! (Jk we don't say eh after every sentence...)
  11. Ask these questions in Ideas & Suggestions.
  12. Tyrone Ramsey for Governor "A politician for the people"

    Thanks for your reply.
  13. character customization/creation

    Right, I see what you're getting at, sorry for coming off mean. I doubt we will have extreme customization, as that probably takes many man hours to develop into a game, and for realism sake we will probably have many presets to choose and maybe change some features.