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  1. Lack of information

    So we all know "Asylum Entertainment Inc" is giving us a lack of information on the update side, great models I will give you that! but it's not the most related as we want to see! I'm concerned what the game actually is gonna be like because the game has been developed for 4 years, sooner or later 5 years without any great gameplay or trailer! so take it or leave it, but I think I wasted 60 dollars of my income on something that's actually never coming out, just something to take in but ey, great games are coming out anyways this year. what do you think about their lack of information, or am I the only one who thinks it's a total waste of time to look everyday to check if they have updated their stuff on their site? Best regards Tongi
  2. New dude here

    Welcome to the community
  3. Game is a scam?

    Hello folkes, i have recently talked with alot of my friends who also bought the game who actually just think the game is a scam because they said " available in early 2017 " and the progress bar have been stuck on 76% in 3-4 months now? i'm just curious if we're the only one who feels that?
  4. Langston Family / Dark Ace Mafia

    Hello Kevin. We wound like to offer our services to you But, we don't want to join your family but anywho we can i offer an alliance. We will do the jobs you guys don't want to do, and so on, and help you out if you need some help with stuff (Jobs etc) if we are the outsider you speak of then you will know all jobs assigned to one of out top member will get the job done and done fast We are about intel we act fast to get jobs done if its killing someone robbing a bank or strapping people to chair and using our way infomations outa' them there aint no snitchers in our gang, we're 5 people who knows eachother from school, college and university BR Es- Opia