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  1. I can't play your game

    Oh ok.
  2. I can't play your game

    I don't speak what looks like Russian but the title is English enough, I can't click play after creating my character, just does nothing. Please help Asylum. @HairyGrenade
  3. Company Websites & Postal Services

  4. Company Websites & Postal Services

    Like if you live in a different city, it could cost a fee and if you live local it could be free delivery?
  5. Green Side Sanitation Services

    Definitely applying!

    So happy the video is out, it stills shows a lot more than it seems, shows movement, the process of drugs and making them, police radio and guns and damage, would've been nice to see a little more but happy all the same! Thank you @HairyGrenade for posting the video, I wouldn't have seen it otherwise
  7. Supporters, Behaviour, Patience.

    Glad to hear, tbh I really did have a convo with my best friend saying I hope a bunch of companies make a realistic game that’s based in real life, have proper jobs, indicators/blinkers for cars, robbing, businesses, houses, jail, court, prison, police, crime, drugs, etc. And then I found identity only days later, I haven’t been around since the start, but I’ve checked all the updates, important threads, discord announcements and etc, and it truly is the game that I told my friend should be made. I am gonna support this game and the devs because they are making a game I described.
  8. Supporters, Behaviour, Patience.

    I think it’s all pathetic where someone is making fake accounts to give Paratus shit or the others shit too, that is where the toxicness lies, in the pathetic “supporters” who just can’t be patient, “give us a date” 21st March, there you go there’s a date, they haven’t gone mental enough before to attack them about that date, and now over a gameplay video they’re saying to kill himself, saying names, and it’s just pathetic over a video, I am honestly surprised the devs haven’t said something about it, it just is harsh and needless. @Paratus and the others, keep doing what your doing, don’t ignore all the other shit you get, you guys are gonna make history with this level of realism in a game, I don’t care if it takes till 2019/2020 to get the full release, I found this game after predicting such a game should be made, you guys are literally fulfilling my dream of gaming. I will support to the end. I hope you find a system to block out the posts where these guys or even guy are saying stuff like they have. everyone just needs to chill, wait, and be patient with the release of stuff, it is not easy with a small team I can imagine, I barely even upload by myself on a YouTube channel and that’s an easy one man job at times to record and upload?, but it’s my confidence and shit I have got that draws me back. (Gonna change that soon??) this is only directed towards Paratus and devs to show most supporters are decent and patient, it is also directed towards supporters to say keep being the decent people, and don’t try to give hate to the ones who are giving hate, it just provokes more, trust me I would rip into those childish people but I and we all are better than that. like I said before though, keep up the great work Paratus and the team! Hope to see the video soon. Bring it as soon as you are ready. Don’t give in to rushing it for the impatient ones.

    Couldn’t said it better @GreyFox
  10. Infobroking in Identity: Is it worth it?

    Fuck yes! It’s realistic, it happens and want it to happen here, it’d work really well

    @ItsRaidenFair enough, I ain't gonna argue because that'd be stupid and tbf it is a good thing your doing, but its really uncommon to me because i rarely get these and I've played since 2010/11 and I play everyday whenever I can and I rarely get it. But if there is other people in this community who does then fair enough, have a good day.

    Dude. I highly doubt people will be ending up with these problems. Absolutely amazing your bringing awareness to it and that you wanna help. But I don’t think it was necessary. And I ain’t hating, I do think it’s good and nice, but 10-11 paragraphs aren’t necessary
  13. Identity Stream Notes 11/21/2017

    Great to find out about all this, helps to look into the game more ?
  14. Dev Blog Tomorrow Confirmed

  15. Increasing maximum jail time

    Definitely a great way!