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Found 29 results

  1. So I created my character and then it doesn't do anything. I reloaded my game and this is what it shows. It doesn't do anything. The settings button also crashes the game.
  2. Hey there, I saw a lot of videos for this fantastic game, it's really another level this game from all past games that released in RPG&Open world manner.. I have concern about 2 things if you can improve them it will be really good thing: 1- The doors opening motion when player open it, it looks a bit silly I think adding more motions like holding the door and open it, it will make it looks more better, also door opening is faster than normal in my opinion. 2- Character textures, skin, eyes etc.. the clothes looks fantastic but when you see the character you lose interest in it also when I saw this video: I can see inside my characters and others while moving camera and it's surely annoying if happens every time. Last thing: is characters motions while walking if you can put different ways of walking and player can change withing them it will be great because every character in the videos walk like they want to get into a fight, it will be better if it gets like real life more like the rest of this fantastic game, I hope I will see a great improvement to it.. It will be the new future for a lot of games for sure.. GOOD LUCK FOR EVERYONE WHO PUTS EFFORT TO IT.!
  3. I'm curious to see where the community currently are in regards to what jobs and roles they'll provide to servers. I've currently made a couple of categories in a poll (if the poll shows) to allow people to just vote their way in if they don't want to share specifics, so check out the options and throw in a vote if you can! If you're interested in sharing who you plan to be, post below; Character name: Roger Picklebottom Role: Content Creator Focus of role-play: Self-proclaimed best-seller of books Why?: I've always wanted to write books (IRL), so to bring in this aspect for an in-game role-play allows me to see how well my writings would actually be sought after. Now I'm not saying that all my work will be good to read, or whether people will want to read them, but it would be nice to see how well my work could interact with people, and since I can't draw/paint to save my life, the written aspect of content creation in this game is really appealing for me Expected Income: Next to nothing, but I'll still strut about and act like I'm someone like "Richard Castle" from the TV Show "Castle" EDIT: I know there are quite a few similar topics like this, I'd just like to see the answers in poll format too, to get a gauge of how well the community would be split across the roles.
  4. OmegaFramework | Character Hub

    Identity RPG Characters These are subject to change and are not final.
  5. Christopher Sharpe Age 30 Lives in California Status: Online I'm Moving! Posted on 5/30 at 10:48 p.m. The times almost come! I'm packing my bags and getting ready to move to Town Square. Flights will be leaving, probably around June 13th I hope. I'm looking forward to my new apartment there. I hope I beat the rush. That hotel is going to be fucking PACKED!
  6. Will there be stockings for female characters? and could you wear them with any shoes, shirt or pants? because in GTA 5 it prohibits you to wear stockings with shoes other than some high heels. My last question is will there be longer hairstyles for female characters? by long I mean down to about the knees or lower back.
  7. I was wondering what would happen to your character if you logged out from the game in your house. Will your character stay and sleep in your bed (for example, in Rust the body is still there.), or does your character disappear when you log out?
  8. I noticed that in the information about the player, we will be able to see the name of the character in private servers in two ways, if the server allows or if the server does not allow and hide the names, they will only be seen if the player does an emote action , type a length. Okay, but if by chance a player forces another player to make an emote (which I understand as a length for example a handshake), to know the real name of this player and to know if they are lying about his name? So if the player does not emote emotes a mistrust inside the game, because surely he would know the real name of this player if he did the emote, in this way I think that the immersion factor in reality would not be total, nobody would know my name for I simply shake your hand for example, I know certain things will not be the same as reality, but I'm just giving you suggestions that may or may not be interesting. My suggestion would be that players would only know the true names of the players if they entered groups, style gangs or group of friends etc. depending on what it would be, this is another suggestion that I will give next. Thus increasing immersion in Roleplay, of course police officers, firefighters may require the identity of the player or simply pick up if the player is arrested. About groups. My suggestion on groups would be as follows: Groups of gangs: This group can be named by the gang boss and each player can receive a hierarchy, for example: Boss or captain etc., sub-chief, lieutenant, soldier, capanga (this would be before soldier) and associated (before henchman), of course all fully editable names. The same would follow for group of friends, but in this would not be taking into account the positions of head and etc. All members could "introduce new friends" without problems. Or not, because I also think that having a group that would put the name of the character of a different color on top of his head would be out of the reality and would interfere in the immersion of the game. When only wearing a type of clothing or a color would solve the problem perhaps, for example wearing a black suit with a red handkerchief in the pocket would already help, to differentiate types the hierarchies can be as follows: an effective member or a simpler clothing type a red outfit or hat if you are a beginner. These are all just suggestions I'm giving that could help in the immersion of the game. I think the issue of emote would disrupt the RP, of course not in the matter of the emote itself, but because it reveals its name, I think that for a better immersion in the RP the names should be left unseen, and only policemen and firefighter would have the right to see the identities of the players, so the reality would be greater. Well, like I said, it's just an idea. And excuse my English.
  9. Character Creation

    I just found this game really but it looks quite interesting. Anyway I was wondering if when we create a character if we could customize the actual features and sculpt them like in fallout 4. I think this would be a really cool feature, thanks to anyone that responds.
  10. (not sure if this has already been posted) ok, i KNOW i'm not the only girl/person who HATES the way the female characters in GTA 5 Online look (or just the entire game). I felt the same way about Saints Row too and probably Fallout 3/4. I get that the video game industry is trying to tone down on the over sexualization of women, but did they really have to make us look like men instead??! The shoulders were SOOO wide and the way they walked seemed so boyish too. Personally i would 100x rather play as an over sexualized character than be forced to look like the f*cking hunchback of notre dame. point is, plEASSE make the girl characters look/walk normal!!!!!
  11. I am very hyped for ''Identity Town Square Module'' to launch, hopefully around winter sometime. But I'm curious and intrested in what type of character yours will be? Drug Dealer? Business Man? Car Thieve? Weapon Arms Dealer? Stylist? Please tell me! :9
  12. So, as the title reads. what, and how will the character customization be? I know this information is quite confidential now ain't it? but if I can get some type of meme and information, that'd be great! thanks in advance!
  13. My Character Yay or Nay

    Im bored so im going to share my character idea. Name: Ximena Castillo NickName: Mena Race/Ethnicities/Nationality: Family is from the Dominican Republic but is mostly Black and Latina Looks: Medium-Dark Skin with long, thick curly hair. Dark brown eyes and thick lips. Rather thin but not bone thin. Has some meat on her bones Goals: To make as much money and to accumulate as much power as she possibly can whether through legal or illegal methods Personality: While she is not completely selfish she is very goal oriented. She sees the value in friendships and how it can be very profitable in the long run but will not hesitate to throw a little betrayal their way to boost herself. However, she will also not hesitate backing up her own. She will have no problem using people if it will benefit her. Personal Facts: Distrustful of White People but will work with them. Business is Business. Sexuality: Attracted to generous people with large amounts of money Education: High School Diploma. No college education Natural Assets: Looks, Charm, Resourceful Background: Ximena Castillo was born to Santiago Castillo and Maria Vargas in Santo Domingo, the capital of the Dominican Republic. Her parents although loving were living in poverty. They did the best they could but that wasn't enough for her. She resented her parents for giving her a life she felt like she didn't deserve. Her parents just kept loving her even tho she felt like she didn't feel the same way. Throughout she was always doing something. Whether it was pickpocketing or selling rock salt under the guise that they were crystals to younger kids she was always doing something. At age 19 she had a thing with a local boy her age named Mateo. He got her pregnant and were together. Her parents didn't approve and for good reason. He was a master manipulator at heart. He convinced her to steal money from her parents and even rob an old woman. After about a month of this, he gave her an ultimatum. Leave her parents and baby behind and travel to the States with him or get left behind by Mateo. She loved Mateo and agreed to leave with him. She should soon realize that this would be the worst mistake of her life. She goes with him all the way to Manzanillo to the Sea Port to get on a cargo ship to the States. When they arrive she is told by Mateo that she has to sleep with the crew members so that they will allow them on. She was being used but she went along with it still thinking that Mateo loves her. She does what he has to do and they get on the ship. When they arrive in the States she is so excited for their new lives together. However, she is hit with a bombshell. Mateo wants nothing to do with her. He throws her away like garbage. She was just a means to an end. A pawn in his game.She thought she had true love but she then realized that her love was home.Her child and her parents He leaves her alone in a strange new place. She convinced a man to let her stay at his apartment for sex and stayed for a little while. It was during this time that she hardened up. She finally realized that if she was going to survive then she can't survive on looks alone. In a way, she became what she hated so much in Mateo. She became ruthless. After a while, Mena decided not to dwell on the past and wanted a fresh start. She made her way to the Island that Identity takes place in and will be determined to come into her own. However, her life changing choice to abandon her baby and parents and her treatment of ungratefulness towards them will haunt her. I feel like this is a pile of shit but give me your thoughts.
  14. Hey there! I think having cool character customisation options is great, as you can bring out some cool personal touches to your character. I'm not sure how Identity's character customisation interface will look like. I'm thinking of three options. The first is a Sims 4 style clay moulding type interface for sculpting the face and body. The second is using a similar system shown in APB Reloaded. The third is similar to EA Sports (FIFA) for a combined preset and custom options readily available. Feel free to comment or suggest other ideas which I haven't mentioned!
  15. My Character's

    This is just a topic for me to post my character ideas to try when I get in the game.
  16. More than one Character?

    Hi all, just learned about this fantastic game in production. I am curious if you can have more than one character. If I could, I would have being a contributing member of society and another hell bent on destroying it. Does anyone know if it is possible?
  17. First , there is no doubt that the gameplay is amazing and texture quality is perfect ! But i have a suggestion about interactions with objects , like opening doors , turn on the lights , radio or TV , pick up something and things like that. Why the character's hands don't interact with this objects and don't move ? I think it will be more realistic if you able to work on that. And finally , sorry for my bad English
  18. Just ideas

    Hey guys! I made this account like yesterday and these are the ideas I came up with: - First of all, doing bad stuff must be hard. We all know that almost everyone is going to just kill people when they made their character like a minute ago. Your character must be weak without all those training and more police on your butt if they can't catch you in like 5 minutes and not just give up if they lost you. - Going to the gym to be stronger and look fit etc. You can collect gym XP and can unlock like a new form of tricep or something. Each body part should have their own XP bar. Ofcourse your XP should go down after like a month, meaning your slowly going back to your older body. This also should affect how strong you are. - Trusty gamers should get chosen by the creators to report who is cheating. People caught cheating should get banned forever or start from zero. That will piss them fucking off and let them be scared so they can't do that anymore. - Not showing username. I feel like this a stupid idea but also good because it's going to force the gamers to find out who they are and so on. - An App that you can check on your real phone to see who is online in the game. Also all kinds of other stuff in the app similar to Instagram. The app's name should be 'Identified' - Graffiti in the game should be awesome. Under your art must show your username so it can prevent stupid things. It can also be voted to stay or to be removed. - Importing your own 3D model or making models in the game could help the game big time. You can also see wonderful stuff in the art world of the game. Also making your own animations too (like for dancers in the strip club , dance events, creating your own walking style). - Fighting system: You should be weak and don't know much moves besides a basic weak punch. Just like how I find the gyms should be, the same should be with boxing clubs. I really like the UFC game system. Your stamina should go down when you perform a technique so you have to fight carefully. You have to be in a fighting state to fight like a boxer,... - Scrap things like hair growing, having a baby and so on. Little things that don't make sense to me. But I think a character should get hungry and thirsty. So they can perform better. - Realistic money like in the real world. A push to work harder for gamers. - Omg please not a gun shop on every street corner. It should be far away in a hidden place. Carrying a weapon should be visible but you can hide lttle weapons. - Parcour training! - Death: Accidental deaths should let characters wake up in a hospital (if a player shoots you too and you didn't want to fight). By crime, in prison .Back zero when you die is extreme. - Driving: Everyone should behave when they ride. Random speed limiters? on streets. Police should punish you when they see you driving fast or parked wrong. Gas should be optional. - Making your own hairstyles!. You can make different sections of your hair longer, braided, stiff, curly and play with hairpins.
  19. Character Concept

    Hey! I would like to start a topic about how your character will look, be in the game. Post pictues, videos that you're inspired by! KIDDO RAMPAGE I always had Kiddo in my mind since I can remember. I believe she was hugely inspired by my mother and other women I knew in my life. People that were fucked over so many times but still managed to be unscathed at the end of the day. I'm a huge fan of Kill Bill. The name came from the intro of the second movie. Rampage is not her real last name. Just thought it fitted Kiddo. Appearance: Here is an artwork I did how she kind of will look in the game. Hair: A messy, open, high ponytail. Showing her mental state. I also think it's stylish. Clothing: A faux fur coat that she gracefully carries around. Leather long boots which has support from the hanger that's attached to her belt, and top of it just a T-shirt. I wanted to keep it 'classy', but also ready for action. I like the match between red/bordeaux and beige (not really a meaning behind it). Expression: A mean insane look. Like she directly looks in your soul and know your weakest point. Pisces sun and Scorpio moon. Occupation: - She's one of the top fashion designers in town. Runs a boutique. - Underground strip club where meetings of deadliest people happen and dark things takes place. - In the Deadly Viper Assasination Squad Mood video's and music: A Few Words From The Bride The Devil Does Drugs I Sing The Body Electric by Walt Whitman Glory by Reapers Death List 5 Hope this post inspire you! Show me your character!
  20. To, Dev team i would like to know how far you guys will go with the character customization as usually it is a big thing. So, in terms of facial appearance ageing and all that what should we be expecting And for people that dont have money or dont want to buy someone elses design will there be added default clothing. i would also like to know wether you would be able to copy and paste in desgns for clothing etc. yours gratefully, The IdentityThief
  21. Frederick Murray - RP Character

    Frederick Murray Frederick grew up in Southern Louisiana, in the United States of America. At age 7, Frederick knew he was something special. His mother had always taught him to be a gentleman, and so he grew up to be. You see, Frederick and his mother weren't the richest of families. They often had to stay with his grandmother, or they slept in back alleys. Frederick always knew that once he grew up, he would somehow bring himself out of this poverty, because he didn't want to live that way for the rest of his life. But up until now, Frederick had not found that opportunity. The U.S. Government came to Frederick promising that if he could fulfill one single promise, that he'd be granted a brand new identity, on an island with people he had never met before. This was very appealing to Frederick, as he saw this as an opportunity to make money and get himself out of poverty. Well now, this is where the written story ends, and Frederick's new life begins... Good luck Frederick! Frederick's Personal Information: Name: Frederick Murray Age: 32 Gender: Male Ethnicity: Caucasian Sexuality: Heterosexual (Into the opposite sex/straight) Occupation: N/A! Plans to run his own businesses in order to move up in the world.
  22. Hello there, I have a few simple questions which may be quite dumb to ask but, I'll ask anyways. First of all, I would like to know if there are going to be any beards/facial hair styles in the game. In a lot of games I always see that they forget to add red/ginger colored hair, will we be able to mix colors or will we have a big color spectrum that we can choose from? If not, I would Suggest these. yours sincerely, BigBoss.
  23. With the advertised feature of player controlled companies and the furthermore advertised feature of being able to work for said companies in the transportation and delivery aspect, I got thinking; I'd love to be able to create a stereo-typically looking bloke with a big bushy beard, red flannel shirt and work boots! But no stereotypical truck driver is complete without a little bit of chub around the edges! So my question is, can I make the character of my dreams, flab and all?
  24. I would love to see drag and drop character customization like they have in the sims 4
  25. Logan Wolf

    In this post you will see along with this backstory/information you will see 3 pictures. One is how he generally looks,another is how he looked in a game which allowed player models,this is how he will look most of the time. CHILDHOOD He was brought up in a violent area,not a hood but a rough area. He was brought into gang activities when he was young,when he was 8 he was brought into the courier business. He was used to move drugs across the streets. He was doing good at school even though he didn't care for it much. His father left when he was young,and his step father beat him and his mother. He met Jim when he was young. TEENAGE YEARS When he turned 15 he started hustling the streets and gaining more power. He started small,he started to deal his own product across the street in small quantities. He met a girl called Lily McCain when he was 16. She knew what he was doing but she had no problem with it. When he turned 17 he found his step father hitting his mother,that's when he accidentally killed his step father. His mother hated him for it. He then fled the city with Lily and Jim. ADULTHOOD When he turned 20 he asked Lily to marry him,she agreed and they married. Then him and Jim created "Wolf Corporation",this is what their organisation is called. They started hustling like before but on a larger scale. He started to make allies such as Philly Falzone. He made enemies. A hit was put on Logan,they went to kill him and they killed Lily in the crossfire. WOLF CORP It was huge in other cities but obviously they are moving it to the city that identity runs in so it is starting again. It amassed Logan and Jim a lot of money. It is Logan's passion. LOGAN'S PERSONALITY IN GAME AND WHAT TO EXPECT HIM TO ACT LIKE He is very decisive. He is unpredictable. He is hardened. He has random outbursts of anger. He does not care for anyone but himself and Wolf Corp and Jim. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- P.S. Sorry for how boring this must have been,this is just so people know some backstory and how I will role play in game,I will most likely write some chapters of his life based on things from past experiences/in-game situations.