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Found 19 results

  1. It would be great for private servers to be able to customize their government to a system where they feel is best. Some places will want a casual server, a serious RP environment, or even a hardcore RP environment. Maybe a game mechanic can be created where you can create a branch / agency and add what power that position or department has. Or they can choose just to modify the current agencies or positions. The person can set divisions specific roles as well. Like a CFO can fire anyone in the finance department or the Captain in patrol can fire any officer in patrol or whatever. The following are examples of options you can add (if possible). They can be added to the organization as a whole or a specific role. -Ability to remove people from the organization or another organization. -Ability to hire people for your organization. -Ability to give strikes to people in your organization. -Ability to give written warnings to people in your organization. -Ability to arrest and detain a person (and if using official server system or not). -Ability to fine a person. -Ability to file charges on a person. -Ability to accept or deny a person's charge(s). -Ability to veto or accept a bill. -Ability to create and vote on a state bill. -Ability to create and vote on a county ordinance. -Ability to create and vote on a city ordinance. -Ability to accept or veto a city ordinance. -Ability to override a veto with 2/3 vote. -Ability to have final vote during a vote tie. -Ability to impeach another government official. -Ability to nominate a judicial officer. -Ability to accept or deny a nomination to a judicial officer. -Ability to control and manage sales, income, and property tax. -Ability to view income of a organization. -Ability to manage prices of a organization. -Ability to manage and add/buy assets to a organization (vehicles, inventory, drugs, weapons, etc). -Ability to manage employee salaries. -Ability to manage the organization's social media (in-game social media). -Ability to control gang or cartel locations. -Ability to access (a specific) police station. -Ability to access (a specific) fire station. -Ability to access (a specific) government building. -Ability to access certain police uniforms (detective, SWAT, etc). -Ability to access certain assets and those types of assets (weapons - glock 17 or glock 22 , vehicles - dodge charger or honda civic, etc) -Ability to accept or deny driver's license application. -Ability to revoke / suspect driver's license. -Ability to start / manage elections and votes. -Ability to pronounce someone dead. If I were to create a private server, I'd want to have a realistic checks and balances system (to the US / California), California based laws, etc. And other private servers may want something else. And this would be too hard to make happen on official servers. Which is why I suggest for just giving the option for people to customize the internal positions and departments within the game.
  2. Car Mechanic

    Is there going to be any jobs/careers where you can be a car mechanic?
  3. (Link to zoom into the picture) Due to my post flagging up for some reason, I have had to submit the text as images. This has unfortunately resulted in a drastic loss of image quality. I have read the FAQ's and am still unsure of how extensive clothing design will be so here is my suggestion.
  4. Custom Police Branches

    I have been doing some thinking and some research for games like Identity. As a person who is mostly interested in the police aspect of the game along with the social interaction, I found interest in a game called Police 10-13. Now this game is only based on police roleplay and is quite interesting. Now what I was staring at was the option for players on their forums to customize their own police departments. These departments ran to different calls and specialized in different areas. Now the only reason I bring this up is that I based my idea off of this. My idea is to do something similar to this but not exact. Bearing in mind this is not just a police simulator, I have tweaked the idea above into our favor. On the forums, I would be happy to see a section for players to run their own divisions within the island's police force. These divisions will hold no elevated positions of power for their members. They will be solely for roleplay. This would take 0 developer efforts IG and would take only minute effort from forum devs. For the division's section, players will be able to start their own division or join one. They can name it whatever and describe it as whatever. What these divisions will be used for is if one person wants to be a cop, but mostly wants to do trafficking patrols, then they join a division that specializes in traffic. The division can then be assigned by the governor for whatever task necessary that the Governor sees fit for them to fulfill because that is what their division specializes in. Get it? Probably not. In the simplest way I can make it, Divisions are subsections of the Island's police force made for players to have the ability to be associated with a specific talent or liking. These divisions will then be called on by higher offices to perform tasks based off of that division's likings. As an example, a Division I would make would be protective detail. Those interested in Protective detail will sign up for the division and once accepted, inserted into our roster. Then while in game, the Governor will come to me or another person in a high position within the division and request our services at an event. We will then act as guards for the speaker, guard the outside, check things, do whatever the police who would be there needed to do. I hope it makes more sense. This is obviously an idea in development so if you have anything that would be able to make this better or something you have concerns about, please say it in the replies. (P.S If this goes far, it would be cool for the popular division to be able to give their members in-game badges to wear. Just a thought.)
  5. (not sure if this has already been posted) ok, i KNOW i'm not the only girl/person who HATES the way the female characters in GTA 5 Online look (or just the entire game). I felt the same way about Saints Row too and probably Fallout 3/4. I get that the video game industry is trying to tone down on the over sexualization of women, but did they really have to make us look like men instead??! The shoulders were SOOO wide and the way they walked seemed so boyish too. Personally i would 100x rather play as an over sexualized character than be forced to look like the f*cking hunchback of notre dame. point is, plEASSE make the girl characters look/walk normal!!!!!
  6. It is clear I pose as a lion, will the customization go far enough to where I could have a mane and golden skin...hopefully even red eyes?
  7. Tactical Gear

    Hello Dev Team, Does Identity have Tactical Gear for our Characters like: Headsets, Helmets, NV Goggles, Eyepatches etc.? and if yes, are the cop/swat uniforms the same or customizable? Also a nice detail would be when the swat unit uses zip ties instead of handcuffs like normal cops.
  8. Furry Walls - House customization

    Where's the furry wall customization? Definitely needs to be implemented! When I roll into my crib turnt I need to just stroke the furry wall.
  9. Are there going to be any firearm customization? example: changing barrels(example you bought a Glock chambered in 40S&W and you want to fire some 9mm so you buy a 40 to 9mm conversion barrel and install it) Would be fun to change parts (in both firearms and vehicles) same way as you do in that car mechanic simulator game on steam.
  10. Hello there! i was thinking that it may be a good idea to allow national flags or even custom-made flags to be added in the game as decoration for clothing,houses, cars, etc. i am aware that custom flags, not national ones, could pose an issue with some people making inappropiate flags, such as the KKK or the national Nazi flag. i would like to hear opinions about this! thanks!
  11. Hi, Will players be able to upload or design a logo/decal in game witch the player can use for different things? Perhaps get a custom made gang tattoo, put a gang logo on you car and clothes. It would also be cool if you could tag or spray paint walls to show that you own that turf. I guess the last one can be quite hard to implement, but it would be cool. Will there be other things we will be able to design/customize with like a devtool with limited access or something like that? I am sucker for design and customization and i can see so many opportunities in Identity. Thx for creating my dream game! Best regards Hultnbultn
  12. Hello, again I 've been meaning to ask this question for a while now. Let's say a player decides to open a business, for example a clothing store. Would he be able to customize the exterior appearance of the store other than the interior ? Like adding a glass showcase, having a custom logo-sign etc?
  13. Okay so basically the program I pitched was called Pedestrian. Before I heard of Identity, it was a walking environment exploration simulator, with a lot of room to grow. I feel like these ideas could be helpful in creating the in game world and full-immersion possibilities (and have basic sketches of how these ideas would be implemented It sounds really boring on paper, but I think it has potential to be a really deep experience with opportunities for a deeply interactive user experience where users could actually contribute to the catalogue of different environments. It would basically start with flying a drone with two omnidirectional cameras around the environment you’d want to capture. The footage could then be plugged into a program that maps the location into a 3 dimensional virtual space which can then be accessed and modified to fit the needs of the simulation (eg. Scrubbing pedestrians and unnecessary objects from the map, changing signs and architecture to avoid copyright infringement, adding relevant interactive interiors or objects). I see this as a simple way to create a game map, and while I think the ultimate goal would be to emulate a city walking experience, it could also be used to experience natural environments or landmarks along with locations around the world users may not have the means to experience. The infrastructure of this technology could ideally be used to make maps for videogames and other V.R. experiences. The initial beta would probably be a barebones exploration experience for funding purposes, but I envision a final product with hidden collectables, mission-based storylines, unlockables, and eventually an all-out MMO life simulator. Another idea I had for the experience is a phone application that can utilize facial mapping and possibly body mapping so users can see themselves in storefront windows, water reflections, and obviously mirrors- to be able to look at their arms in-game and see every scar and blemish, to really dial in the perceived realism of the whole product. A gesture system could be instituted to: -reach up and put earbuds in their to listen to custom playlists, or take them out to hear the sounds of the city or wilderness they’re in. -open doors, and explore interiors -drive vehicles, steer bikes, interact with various objects around the map -perform various seemingly mundane actions that would become challenging and deep in-simulation (mowing a lawn, washing a car, playing a piano) I think a great idea for the project would be to allow users to capture their own environments and modify them in a map editor the Pedestrian staff would provide and make their own custom objects and upload them to some kind of an environment hub, and ideally be able to take a cut of either real dollars or in-game currency from others purchasing and downloading their maps. With the abundance of simulation games and their popularity, the big picture I see at the end of the road is all the simulator games that are hindered by variety not competing anymore, but contributing and building each other up until we eventually reach an ultimate life simulation, as I mentioned earlier. It is a massive undertaking to get to the final realization of a massive life rpg, but the reward of creating a truly realistic economy in a virtual setting would revolutionize the entire world of interactive art in a way that’s never been attempted.
  14. To, Dev team i would like to know how far you guys will go with the character customization as usually it is a big thing. So, in terms of facial appearance ageing and all that what should we be expecting And for people that dont have money or dont want to buy someone elses design will there be added default clothing. i would also like to know wether you would be able to copy and paste in desgns for clothing etc. yours gratefully, The IdentityThief
  15. Hello there, I have a few simple questions which may be quite dumb to ask but, I'll ask anyways. First of all, I would like to know if there are going to be any beards/facial hair styles in the game. In a lot of games I always see that they forget to add red/ginger colored hair, will we be able to mix colors or will we have a big color spectrum that we can choose from? If not, I would Suggest these. yours sincerely, BigBoss.
  16. With the advertised feature of player controlled companies and the furthermore advertised feature of being able to work for said companies in the transportation and delivery aspect, I got thinking; I'd love to be able to create a stereo-typically looking bloke with a big bushy beard, red flannel shirt and work boots! But no stereotypical truck driver is complete without a little bit of chub around the edges! So my question is, can I make the character of my dreams, flab and all?
  17. Character Customization

    I'm not sure where to post this so I'm posting it here! I was wondering if there was any extra info on character customization. I love RP games where you can make your own character and make them look as unique as possible. So I just have a few questions when it come to the extend of making your character: 1. Will there be set number of facial features (kinda like on IMVU where you buy different eyes, lips, head shape etc and combine them)? Or will there be sliders where you pick a default then rotate, enlarge/shrink, color etc.? (I hope there are sliders kinda like in Sims 4 because that gives players an opportunity to make unique looking characters) 2. Will players be able to own beauty shops where people can go just for customization. Like will I be able to make custom hair, eyes, nails, skin etc? 3. What will be the range of colors, especially for skin tones? Is there a limited selection on colors or is it more of a color wheel situation? Thank you in advance for any answers I get
  18. Vehicle Customization

    This is more a question than a idea, but im just wondering what are your thougths are about vehicle customization at the moment?