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  1. Dames, Ladies and Femme's..Oh my!

    Most bars/clubs nowadays have some sort of special events, such as "ladies night" etc. You could also do something like that.
  2. Brand/logo design company

    TV and radio advertising would be beneficial for your company if there won't be any restrictions for them. Such as for tv to play only streamers channels or on radio just songs.
  3. Hello, again I 've been meaning to ask this question for a while now. Let's say a player decides to open a business, for example a clothing store. Would he be able to customize the exterior appearance of the store other than the interior ? Like adding a glass showcase, having a custom logo-sign etc?
  4. The Neighborhood - Recruiting!

    I didn't say anything about "copy-paste". (3D modeling doesn't work that way.) Even for the custom maker you should have some short of experience with that kind of stuff if you want your product to look good and people give in-game money to buy it. If you are committed in following what you said about opening a store, you should view some tutorial online about modeling, just to have you mind set and what to expect when the game is released.
  5. The Neighborhood - Recruiting!

    I think in order to open any kind of clothing store you need to have some expertize with 3D modeling software. (If you want to have your own custom -made clothing line.)
  6. In-game music?

    I guess that would be the option. Thanks .
  7. Car's controls

    Also in Q&A you will be able to connect thrushmaster wheel. So I guess you can go full hardcore on that as far as key-bindings.
  8. The Neighborhood - Recruiting!

    Honestly some people don't know when to grow up....
  9. Detectives

    In the game the only possible option for someone to have a job as the detective will be just for roleplay. So when the game will be released you should check the servers which focus on heavy roleplay.
  10. Corruption? at police

    I think the only corrupted thing you will be able to do as a cop in the game will be to turn the blind eye, or accept money to keep your mouth shut or lie etc. Small stuff like that. Hiding or place evidence I don't think you can be able to do. But maybe it will change in the future.
  11. can your house be raided?

    True your house cannot be raided, but if we talk about immersion could there be a possibility if a search warrant takes place?
  12. We have a Huge problem!

    I also don't see any problem at all. The GTA series always show the criminal stuff, no immersion or role-play on any of their official online servers. Just a bunch of people shooting at each other. At identity at least from the forums you can see people waiting to start businesses ask about clothing, cars, character in-depth customizations etc. Identity won't have any competition problems.
  13. facial accessories

    Since the game will feature female characters, cosmetics like makeup, jewelery etc. probably will also have scars and what you are looking for.
  14. Hello, I have to ask about the music in the game. Due to several posts on the forums with radio stations etc. Will the players be able to upload music tracks of their choice or will there be a certain library to avoid copyrights?
  15. Rogue clothing

    If the game will allow player to add custom logos on t-shirts etc. I wouldn't mind joining your company. (Also. graphics designer IRL)