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  1. Town Square Release

    http://www.identityrpg.com/modules/townsquare Scroll all the way down and you'll see it there
  2. Town Square Release

    Town Square has not been released yet.
  3. Can we do Bodybuilding ?

    The reason they're not doing that is because, as Paratus said himself, that if they had included body shape/type (buff,skinny,fat etc.) they would of taken forever to create a single piece of clothing since that piece of clothing will have to be adjusted for each body type. Regarding your questions, A: I'm not sure if it's confirmed but I did hear that they will include those kind of buffs when going to the gym and B: no, and the reason is the one I stated above. Hope I helped
  4. New Screenshots (UPDATED)

    I answered the question of the guy
  5. Creating a band

    I actually play the guitar, so a band sounds good to my ears. Hit me up when the first module’s released
  6. Not receiving any emails except notifications

    Then if you're sure that your e-mail notifications are correct, then you should contact @Paratus or @HairyGrenade. Good luck!
  7. Not receiving any emails except notifications

    Have you pledged yet? As far as I know only players who pledged receive e-mails
  8. New Screenshots (UPDATED)

    The release date will be announced in october, not the actual module. Don't get confused
  9. Dev Blog #009

    @Nisco3000 Not yet.
  10. What's your Steam account?

  11. First Module release?

    It's most probably this year. It's my prediction, and just an assumption so don't take it and move around. I believe in September-October. Maybe earlier if we're lucky.
  12. Playing games within the game (gameception)

    I understand what you mean, it will be possible to watch a movie with your friend at the cinema, or at your TV most probably, but about "gaming" in a house with a friend will just use up a lot of RAM of the servers, which will negatively impact the game with lag etc. You can stream your game with OBS if you want to. About smoking, yes it will be possible. Drugs will play a huge role in Identity's economy!
  13. They just posted a new screen-shot of the Town Square! Add it if you can. https://t.co/a9DKIN8D28
  14. 1st module is delayed yay!!

    Well, to be honest I expected this. Not the first time Asylum are excusing themselves. Let's hope the wait will be worth it.