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Found 41 results

  1. Listen to music

    What kind of music do you usually listen to and download?
  2. the music in identity

    yo wag1 what you saying people (just an inside joke if ya know ya know) just wondering (while listening to NSG ft geko yo darlin') will i be able to find any music types from the uk such as drill (uk), grime, trap (uk), drum n bass, jungle, bashment and garage, basically songs i can be like when it comes on "ayyyyy tune ain't herd dis in time"
  3. is anyone planning on composing music such as drum and base, jungle, bassline and (or) garage.
  4. About Us Have you ever been to a nightclub? We assure you that you haven't been to one like this. Nova represents the peak of the night life, outshining and rising up against all the competition. We guarantee a night of escapism, excitement and amazement. Providing the best, most popular Dance, House and Techno tracks with our in house DJ, we are the only venue to consider for your nightlife. With very late closing times you can lose yourself to the night and forget the stresses of reality as you indulge in some of the best experiences life has to offer. Our bar is fully stocked and the drink never stops flowing. So what are you waiting for? Join us at Nova and Bring On The Night! Our Website Please visit our website below for more information about us: Music Below are some typical examples of the types of music you can expect to find within our establishment. We will take requests from our customers on certain nights. You can find a selection of genres such as House, Dance, Electronic, Trap, Dubstep, Grime and Rap below. Feel free to follow our SoundCloud playlist which is regularly updated. Rules At Nova we pride ourselves on the freedom of our customers. You will not find many rules within our premises. There are however a few exceptions: Standard laws apply. Failure to adhere to the law will involve suspension from the premises and the authorities being called Illegal drugs are not to be consumed on the premises No firearms or weapons are to be taken into the premises Fighting with other customers may invoke suspension from the premises Vomiting, whilst not against any rules, is strongly advised against No fighting/arguing with the bouncers Apart from these very few rules, the possibilities at Nova are endless. Bring On The Night Our Bar This is what you can expect our bar to look like. It will stock a variety of popular drinks/beverages for all of our customers. There will be special events such as happy hour on certain days at certain times. As you can see, the architecture of our premises is by far some of the best in the nightlife scene. The VIP Lounge For an extra fee, a VIP wristband may be purchased. This will grant the wearer access to the VIP lounge which includes a booth, private music, a private bar and table service. We also provide all of our VIP wristband holders a free drink as an act of courtesy. Merchandise We offer a range of merchandise advertising our famous logo in a variety of colours. Here is an example of the items that can be purchased from our establishment. All of our merchandise is unisex and comes in a range of sizes. NOVA T-Shirt [Black, White, Grey, Red, Green, Blue] NOVA Polo [Black, White, Grey, Red, Green, Blue] NOVA Hoodie [Galaxy, Black, White, Grey] NOVA Cap [Black, White, Grey] NOVA Beanie [Black, White, Grey, Red, Blue] Current Positions CEO - BreadlyHovis Manager - 0/2 Bar Staff - 0/5 Table Staff - 0/3 DJ - 0/2 Doorman/Bouncer - 0/2 Security - 0/3 Please contact BreadlyHovis if you are interested in any of these roles and wish to join us! Alternatively, you can visit our website at
  5. Popstar/Rapper Listen

    I know you all want to know about Popstar but all will be revealed at their correct moments, Until then Jam out to this smooth playlist i put together for yall. Old Tracks from back in the Back. Will hold a poll for favorite tracks or you can just tell me in the comments.
  6. Fame

    I think a cool idea would be red carpet events, award shows, concerts, movie premieres would be a great addition to this game as it will focus on what we see on the mainstream media these days, it would be really fun for us players to witness that kind of stuff.
  7. Bands and music

    I think you should be able to start a band as a career and you could start as a garage band playing at clubs and you could progress to be as famous as queen and you would get more money the more you got famous and how you play the instruments is you would plug in your rock band instruments
  8. i think it would be cool to hear what music they are listerning to in their car
  9. Identity music video

    So, Yeah, I don't have a life, So I just made this video for everyone to watch before the trailer comes out
  10. Can we transfer Musescore files into the game as sheet music? Maybe not entire scores, but like for individual parts. Could this be a thing?
  11. I was hoping that this game will get a good music system. one where you can compose songs like ones in ABC or MML format and play them together with a band. I feel that this would be great for music liking players and would spark a lot of creativity. imagine playing with 3 of your friends in the concert hall and perhaps becoming a famous band in game. I hope that this can happen as i have seen things like it be done in other games.
  12. Hello, my name is Jon

    Sorry about the cheesy title. My name is Jon Babb, and in real life I am a composer for tv/games since 2005. I am just as eager as everyone else, I think, to dive into Identity and enjoy life. I am not sure which route I am going to take with this game, but I look forward to playing a role in the community. In any case, I hope to communicate with you guys more here on the forums. Have a great day! Just in case you are interested in hearing my music, here is one of my pieces:
  13. Creating a band

    Looking for members Hey I'm thinking of creating a rock band. I've not come up with a name yet, I'm open for suggestions or I'll have to figure that out on my own. I'm going to play the guitar and possibly do the vocals (if no one else is willing). There's basically room for any type of band member. May that be a drummer, a fine bassist, another guitarist or maybe a vocalist. You name it. If you want to be a part of my band or simply wish me luck, feel free to comment or PM me But hey, I'm also looking for jam buddies if anyone's interested. You don't have to be a part of my band in order to jam out. As I said before, feel free to comment or PM me if you're interested
  14. Radios/music?

    Not necessarily in the Town Square model, but in later modules will there be a way to play any song we want on a radio or boombox sort of thing. One that other players can hear too, so if I played a song out on the street on said radio others would hear it?
  15. Hey will there be any form of music making as a career? or will there be a job for the radio? thanks!
  16. Music Career

    There should be a way to make music whether it be vocally, with an instrument, or making beats like a producer. Will this be a career option?
  17. Can we create our own band?

    It would be awesome to get friends together and make a band!
  18. Like the title says. Post the songs you like most here. Ill start. PS Ill give you a point if you can geuss the YT channel that I think of with Ivan B Sweater Weather.
  19. Music Integration

    I was wondering if there would be a way to play our own music in our cars or in our homes
  20. In-Game Music

    What music should be used in Identity?
  21. Classic Songs from the 60s....

    Hi there! This is a random hangout post for those who love 60s music such as myself. My all time favourite songs are 'Chain of Fools' by Aretha Franklin and 'All Along the Watchtower' by Jimi Hendrix. I hope there are some 60s soul and jazz radio stations on Identity, if that's too much to ask. What is your favourite song? Feel free to comment and share your thoughts!
  22. Will we be able to connect to a live stream with DJ software and then be able to stream live tracks or a set to some club or venue? I play another game called "Second Life" where it has the ability to connect to a stream, that stream then can be loaded into the area's music setting, so all people in that area will hear the DJs live streaming. Usually that DJ logs in with a User/Pass to the broadcast stream with a DJ application on their computer. That same broadcast stream URL is then put into the game somehow like a Area/Music option where you can input a URL to have that area play. Together with the broadcast stream outside the game, and the Area/Music setting, creates a club type envioronment where Live DJs can entertain large crowds. I would really love to see this ingame if it is not already being implemented.
  23. our own music in cars

    im wondering if we will be able to listen to our own music mp3 files in game? and if everyone can hear it around our cars if we put down the windows?
  24. Music/Bands

    Implementation of Musical Instruments This is just an idea that I hope the Developers will see and further develop down the line. It would be a fun and new role-play aspect that no other game that I know of have ever done. It would affect many of the businesses in the world with band merchandise, concert tickets, and maybe even being able to purchase their music on a player's phone or computer. I can see this adding a major aspect to the game and it would be the first of its kind.