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Found 22 results

  1. I recently purchased the vanity license plate from the Identity store, expecting a feature that seems to be common: preregistration. I wanted to be able to register my vanity license plate as soon as I bought it, but I was told after asking on the Discord server that this would (probably) be a feature only implemented in the game's release. I know it may sound silly, but the only reason I bought the item was so that I could claim the plate that I wanted before someone else took it. It would really make my purchase seem justified if a system like this was put into place.
  2. Iced Jewelers

    What are we? We are a Jewelry store, that specializes in chains and watches. We offer many different "iced out" pieces. We stride to offer the highest quality of jewelry at a good price. Where are we located? We will have a storefront located in Roseport. We plan to have multiple locations in the future. Positions: CEO/Founder: @Cstove Co-Founder: @Townfunky21 Security Guards (0/3): Material Miners (0/5): Sales Associates (0/3): To apply for a job: An idea of what our store will look like (from Identity overview video): Questions? Message me here on the forums, or at
  3. Opening a clothing store '' PIGgLER '' A new clothing store called 'PIGgLER' Jobs Wanted Employees Q! You are invited to send me requests in the message! Thanks ☺ CEO of yakir77
  4. Store Items and Businesses

    Within Gas Stations, you should be able to buy, Cigarettes, Lottery, Beer, Soda, Cigars and other stuff you would find in a Real Gas Stations. As Stores you can create work uniforms and rules to work in a specific store. Create Pizza Delivery places. Working and functional cash registers.
  5. Old Glory Shoes

    Old Glory Shoes™ At Old Glory Shoes™ we make the finest and most authentic shoes in Identity Career Choices designer: 4 slots customer relations supervisor: 1 slot retail associate: 5 slots advertising department: 5 slots quality inspector: 1 slot Contact me if you are interested!
  6. Hey, I plan on cooking "CRYSTAL" for a living. I imagine owning large scale corporation, and working with others of my same interest. contact me if you think you can cook. I will discuss with the mayor the benefits and qualities of "CRYSTAL". Thanks!
  7. Well's Natural Food Store

    Well's Natural Food Store is now officially hiring! Reply to this topic if you would like to apply to work at this store.
  8. You with store

    Hi for all, Maybe can be interesting if we can create some store that we can commercialize any items that will have in the game. Since a simple socks until a guns. Thnxx

    MODREN AN IDENTITY CLOTHING LINE _________________________________ *THIS POST WILL BE UPDATED CONSTANTLY. THIS IS NOT THE FINAL VERSION.* MODREN is a clothing line that will open as soon as Identity releases. We plan to be an aggressive yet smart clothing store. Our style is packed with inspiration from all over the world. Our designs span from abstract art to simple and soothing vibes. Our business has one location near the water where you can shop the finest clothing and walk less than 100 feet and be at the edge of the ocean. To accomplish the things we are planning we are going to need your help! Applications will be announced soon. Make sure to mark this post because you'll want to be apart of this team and the next generation of clothing. (The exact location is to be announced.)
  10. Love's Guns

    Welcome to Love's Guns Owned by Marco Love (NyanRadscorpion) Managers: Dhampirearmy/NyanRadscorpion Supplier: @LeonSchrader Deliveries: @darkstandr We sell guns, clothing, and survival gear our clothing is all for hunting/just camo/stealth fatigues our guns are all LEGAL handguns shotguns and rifles we sell all hunting gear we also offer custom graphic (if in game) and paint dipping (if in game) logo made by @Cuuka We are a very patriotic company GO USA discounts everysometime Status: Closed (Till full game and store is bought) New Locations in: Roseport and Ash hill
  11. Hey, so to start off, my friend and i thought of this idea and thought it would be really cool and realistic, and would also fit the things already in progress. So the thing of this is based around Interior design and a Interior designer job that would allow you to buy home improvements but would make it so you couldn't just do it your self and you would have to wait for a worker, in details i am thinking about it this way. There would be a interior design job where you would be notified about an order placed by someone, and you would get the address and a list of materials needed for the job, where you would maybe have the things in your inventory and you would go to the place and would have to build the different improvements (Getting an option to begin doing the things needed and would have like a percentage of the things getting improved) and as the other things in the game and stated by the devs if no worker comes by the certain time it would automatically be placed. The thing with building markets is kinda like a second choice and a longer more time consuming thing to do where as a player if you would want a certain thing in your house instead of contacting a interior designer firm, you would have to go down to a building market and buy the stuff your self and do the things yourself as opposed to contacting the worker, where doing that would maybe cost a little bit more and you wouldn't have to be doing all the work yourself. I really think this would be a great addition to the game and would make alot of sense and improving on the realism. EDIT: (I edited the post from carpenters to interior designers, im still not 100% sure what the specific profession is called but i think it is Interior designer) Thanks for reading this suggestion, i also posted a question that will be linked below ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  12. Okay so to start of i've not bought the game yet but im really considering it, i have both a question and a suggestion (Will link the suggestion in the last line). So my question is if it will be possible to buy a store in the mall, or owning property in the mall and making your own store? I would really like this because it would be extremly immersive and i think people would put this to great use. And my suggestion is here ----------------------------------
  13. Modsmouth Retail Group

    Note: this page is subject to change, this includes company logos, ideas and names. Refer to this page as a draft of business ideas = Essentially this page is just stake holder = = MODSMOUTH RETAIL GROUP = Established in by the Rendon family in Chicago, Illinois in 1971, Modsmouth prides itself in it's 40 year old traditions and reputation. Modsmouth has remained loyal to it's founding idea of providing affordable clothing and music to both male and female customers. In 1985 the first furniture crafters 'Byzantium Emporium' was founded, creating and selling custom and pre-owned furniture, decor and homewares. This is when Modmouth Retail Group was formed Over the past 45 years Modsmouth has expanded across the states with over 16 stores nationwide. This includes both a small Modsmouth Apparel Outlet and a Byzantium Emporium workshop located on <Identity Island Name>. The modern Modsmouth Outlets primarily sell modern takes on retro apparel stylised on fashions from the 60s through to the 90s, however it also sells a small selection of modern clothes. Apparel includes T-shirts, shoes, jackets/ coats, dresses, pants, shirts, jewellery, skirts, bags and accessories. Modsmouth also sells a wide selection of CDs and records, and even has an inventory of turntables and stereos for sale. Conceptual design of store: Source; Byzantium Emporium prides itself on producing high quality affordable furniture. For a fee we will produce custom furniture to customer's specifications. We also trade quality second hand furniture. Homewares and home decor is also sold here Conceptual design of store and workshop: Source: = This page will be updated over time, and is currently a draft and compilation of business ideas = - Please note that no job positions are available at this time, nor are we currently looking for any partnerships with other companies - Names and ideas presented here are conceptual and subject to change and alteration, eg Byzantium Emporium may change to Byzantine Homewares 'The Byzantine' - a cafe / bar may also be implemented at a later date
  14. Hello, again I 've been meaning to ask this question for a while now. Let's say a player decides to open a business, for example a clothing store. Would he be able to customize the exterior appearance of the store other than the interior ? Like adding a glass showcase, having a custom logo-sign etc?
  15. Convenience Store Owner

    I think it'd be fun to own my own convenience store, that sells; clothing, food & drinks, house plants, and other things.
  16. Lumos Distribution Inc.

    Welcome to Lumos Lumos is a high end clothing apparel brand which highlights the ideals of what clothing brands should focus on. We are looking to hire several employees of all fields in order to succeed in the prosperous world of Identity. Below is some concept art which is open to modification from our design department. DM me @eviljake29 or leave a comment below if you are interested in an opportunity to be hired. What we are looking for We are currently hiring: [4] designers [2] shippers [2] marketers [4] retailers [2] managers [3] board members [1] child company (For investment purposes) Applying The format for a application is as follows: Job Position: Qualifications: How will i benefit Lumos: Weekly hour(s): Concept Art
  17. Rev Masters Garage

    Rev Masters Garage OPEN TO COMMENTS, BUT THE GARAGE HAS BEEN PAUSED. Rev Masters Garage specializes in hot rods and street rods. We don't fully delve into newer modeled cars or ricers such as JDM or drifting cars. Rev Masters is a small local garage with helpful staff ready to work on your street rod and make it the baddest in the land! The Garage also servers as The Royals Car Club's main garage/clubhouse. Right next to the garage, you'll find a small corner store. Although it will not be your right-ade or Walgreen's, you'll be able to find your daily needs such as soda, candy, other foods, cigarettes, drinks and medical supplies. STOCK Rotors Engine Heads Cylinder heads Exhausts Camshafts Oil Pumps Chain and gear kits Wheels and rims Many more! Services Engine work Exhaust repair, inspection and installation Catalytic converter installation Belt installations battery installations Too many to name! Corner Store The Rev Masters Corner Store will be a local convenience store, conveniently placed next to the garage, you'll be able to grab a coca-cola, some chips, a pack of lucky strikes and a tin of hair grease! With low prices and a great stock, you'll be able to find your daily needs in no time. Positions A mechanic will simply be a member of The Royals Car Club. Members are not told to put in a specific work hours, but being a cooperating man to the garage is whats expected by other members, and not spending time at the garage or hanging out at the garage may be frowned apon. Other members who are not the absolute best at working on other members/peoples cars can work the cash register, work as an assistant to whomever is working on a car, wash cars, show customers around and hang out with the boys. Thank you for reading! Please comment if interested in the car club ~Hanshi~
  18. Ignore please, company isn't possible I'll be running a new one though
  19. passport pack photos!

    Hello, I have been a member of this site for a while now but I haven't been active as of lack of details coming out. I asked a while ago if there would be a chance of some images of each pack. eg, the bike you get with the "biker" pack ect and the homes you will get. I can't see myself buying more than just the standard edition without being able to see what extra thing I could get. when I asked last I had a moderator say he could try see if it was possible but nothing came of it so im here asking again now after finding out the game is passed the initial development and is now focused on gameplay features meaning these things in the pack may be getting worked on soon if not already. if anyone else wants to see these before or even after purchasing then leave a comment as the more attention this gets the more chance of a good outcome. would personally love this bike to be added (mine in gta) as most bikes in games that are chopper/bobber styles seem to always look like the cheap made bikes you see in real life instead of something that looks like a decent bike.
  20. Will you be able to own multiple stores for one company
  21. American Hawk

    American Hawk
  22. I understand that players will be able to craft items for other players to furnish their apartments with. Presumably this will be a productive way to make money in the game for players who love to create. Will this crafting be done online (as in a prebuilt crafting process) or will players be able to manually design and import items with 3D meshes etc? If the crafting process will allow the import of 3D meshes to the game, how soon will templates/specs/parameters/rules etc. be available to creators so that we can start working on items in advance